Roger's Diary Roger's Diary
Type: Misc
..."1653-1-3" Today I borrowed 30,000 coins from the Grand Duke of Aoluwei secretly!

..."1653-2-4" I heard that Arthur has a parchment that can open the door of the temple...
..."1653-4-2" Damn it! Those 5 bounty hunters that Arthur hired are still on my tail! I accidentally hid inside this altar, what is this place?
..."1653-4-3" The altar seems to have some mysterious force. There is a paper with 6 lines of text on it, what do they mean? They are hard to understand...
..."1653-6-3" I spent 2 months, and I finally figured out this place's secret, piece of cake!
..."1653-6-6" It's time to leave, I hid the "fruit of my labor" in the 4 chests beside the Altar, set some traps and so to protect it!"

Quest item, please keep it safe
Source(s): Roger's Treasure
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