Gumballs & Dungeons Wikia
Gumballs & Dungeons Wikia

You can:Spend Gas, Uranium Ore, Electricity and coins to receive fragments for:

Parasite Gumball fragments (costs are for one parasite):

  • Level I, 60 fragments: 60x Gas, 60x Uranium Ore, 60x Electricity, 70k coins, research time is 15min
  • Level II, 60 fragments: 300x Gas, 300x Uranium Ore, 300x Electricity, 250k coins,
  • Level III, 60 fragments: 1,200x Gas, 1,200 Uranium Ore, 1,200 Electricity, 500k coins
  • Level IV, 90 fragments:
  • Level V, 90 fragments: 10k Gas, 10k Electricity, 10 Uranium Ore, 2m coins