Once the Tech Hall is completely repaired, you'll unlock the ability to Research. Research is needed to unlock Space as well as 4 new parasitic Gumballs, more clones and much more.

Research is currently divided into 8 tabs, with the last two being unlocked through items in Space. Also note that some research requires you to increase your Civilization level by constructing Plane Wonders.

Tech Hall[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

In space, each "main planet" also allows you to "Copy Tech" in order to improve some of your gumballs, clone assignment and airships. Planetary research or colonization will not affected by research speed or Accelerators.

Speed[edit | edit source]

You may greatly speed up your research with a variety of sources. It is a good thing, because it has been calculated that the total amount of research when done "the slow way" will take over 2200 days!

  • Research can be increased with the help of your Alliance. Alliance members may help you and reduce the time by 1% (up to 10 times) of the active research's original time.
  • Accelerators will greatly reduce the remaining time of any research.
  • Every 10 levels of Plane Wonder will increase your Civilization level, which reduces your total research time by up to 20% at level 10.
  • Cerebrate will reduce your research time by another -/2/3/4/5/6%.
  • Zerg (Sabnock) wonder, up to 26%.
  • Lamour wonder, up to 26%.
  • Dr. Mad will reduce your research time by another 1/2/3/5/8/12%.
  • Tech Chip(M06) will reduce your research time by 3%.
  • Using a Photon Computer : 30% (temporary, affects the entire duration of any project started while item is active)

It should be noted that Civilization level, Cerebrate, Dr. Mad, the Wonders and photon computer reduce the time taken by increasing the speed at which research takes place. If you sum all of the available bonuses, they total over 100%, but that does not mean that researches are instant. Instead, it means that your research speed becomes, for instance, 200%, which results in the research taking 50% of the time it would normally.

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