General Information[edit | edit source]

Random Rare Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Stats Loot Steal
Crystal Turtle [Beast]
Crystal Turtle.png
Encountered with:
  • Attack ??, HP ??


  • Immune to spells
  • Flee after 10 rounds
Crystal, Soul Crystal, and maybe Arcane Crystal Eternal Suit pieces / Great Druid's Cloak (rare)
King Solomon [Beast]
King Solomon.png
Encountered with :
  • Attack 1, HP 5


  • Reduces all damage taken to 1
  • Flee after 10 rounds
Coins like 20k Eternal Suit pieces
Little Fairy [Beast]
Litte Fairy.png
Encountered with :
  • Attack ??, HP ??


  • Recover 20% HP each round
  • Flee after 10 rounds
Food Eternal Suit pieces
Mole Miner [Beast]
Mole Miner.png
Encountered with :
  • Floor 73: Attack 96, HP 977


  • Immune to physical attacks[notes 1]
  • Flee after 10 rounds
Metals: Magic Iron, Dark Steel, Mithril Eternal Suit pieces

Action Related Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Trigger & Stats Loot Steals
Cactus King Divine Dragon Wishes#I want magical fruits! Fruit of World Tree
Slave Bearer Divine Dragon Wishes#I want more companions!
Beast Class
Divine Dragon Wishes#I want to be rich!

Attack 1, HP 3
Block: Reduce all damage taken to 1
Flee: Flee after 5 rounds

10k or 30k or 50k Coins 100EP
Escaped Brown Bear Circus Quest

Souls[edit | edit source]

See Farplane Soul List

Photos[edit | edit source]

See Shoot#Special Monsters

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. You can however Attack him and it might do damage if you proc some special effect like for instance the Ptomaine effect if you have Zombie in your team
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