Machine altar
The Oriental Shrine and Machine Altar appear randomly as boss rewards in all mazes. BEWARE: They can each only be used 3-4 times ever. Don't choose prizes carelessly.

This list is probably incomplete. You can use the save/load method to check if something works.

Special Edit

The Grim Reaper Statue / The Shadow StatueEdit

Shadow Statue
Find the shadow statue and use Alien Helmet,Curse Eyeshot or Devil's Right Eye to talk to it. It will teleport you to a level where you can collect 25 gems and some alchemy crystals. Speak to the statue and it tells you to defeat "Despicable Virginia" / "Night Lady Virginia" and return to it. Keep talking to the statue to get a stat upgrade.

Lady Virginia is one of the game's five deities and a statue in Bloody Fortress. One of her faith rewards is the Obsidian Statue, left by the grim reaper.

Rare EnemiesEdit

These rare enemies appear occasionally and drop lots of loot. They escape after 10 rounds. A piece of the Eternal Suit may be stolen from these enemies using a Bandit Claw or Kaito's ability.

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