• GAME TIME: 14/12/2018 00:00 - 19/12/2018 00:00


Hard (15F, 3 Vigor)

Reward ~ 100 QC (96-112), 1st time: 1 Gem after settlement and opens Raids

Normal (10F, 2 Vigor)

Reward ~ ?? QC, 1st time: 1 Gem after settlement and opens Hard mode

Simple (5F, 1 Vigor)

Reward ~25 QC, 1st time: 1 Gem after settlement and opens Normal mode

Raid (3 Vigor)

Reward ~85 QC, Every fifth raid seems to award an additional 30 QC so Average QC per Raid ~ 91QC

Enemies Edit

Enemy Skills Steals Other
Art Monkey
Beast Class
Art Monkey

Shooting: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds, with Threaten effect: Attack decreases by 50% for 3 rounds.

Test Monkey
Beast Class
Test Monkey

Cover: Helps companions of other types resist 50% of damage

Program Monkey
Beast Class
Program Monkey

Slash: While countering, add Bleeding effect: loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds

Planning Monkey
Beast Class
Planning Monkey

Infusion: Recover HP for teammate, activates once per every 3 rounds

Mischief Gumball
Easy: HP 1000, Attack 30

Normal: HP 2000, Attack 50
Hard: HP 3000, Attack 70
Throw Cake: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal quadruple damages, and add Blind effect: Accuracy decreases by a large margin, lasts 3 rounds.
Protect: Damage suffered decreased by 30%

Corpses Edit

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Comedian's Wreckage
Comedian's Wreckage
Toy Teddy Bear, Consumable : All spell effects +20% Broken Soul
Troublemaker's Wreck
Troublemaker's Wreck
Strange Paper Page, Consumable : Recover Gumball's HP and MP (back to stats when entering this floor). When used by Dimension Walker Gumball, rounds of Exclusive Skill +2 Broken Soul
Monkey's Remains
Monkey's Remains
Work Schedule, Consumable : Lose HP by 50, Gumball's Attack +10. When used by Peter, Power +10 Broken Soul

Drawing FragmentsEdit

There are 6 drawing fragments in Normal Mode, and 9 in Hard Mode.

Fragments in Hard ModeEdit

Fragment From
I Random drop from Program Monkey
II Random drop from Planning Monkey
III Drop from Boss
IV From Shop, for 500EP. If you cannot afford to buy it, there is a great chance that the fragment will reappear in shop on a later floor.
V Random drop from Art Monkey
VI Random drop from Test Monkey
VII From Monkey's Remains
VIII On Floor 1. Requires to cast an area of effect spell (Death Ripple) or invoke an ally. Note: As there are no enemies on Floor 1 to use as target, Meteor Shower will not help.
IX Hidden trashcan in garbage room (requires to use a Lighter or God of Thieves title)

Strange Table Edit

Fragments are used at the Strange Table on final floor after defeating the Boss.

Upon using the table, you need to put the pieces in the proper places to complete the puzzle. You can swap fragments positions simply by clicking two fragments in sequence. Correctly placed fragments will appear brighter.

Upon confirmation, you get some QC coins. In Hard mode, reward is 30 QC for a complete picture and 25 QC for 8 fragments.

In Normal Mode, a completed puzzle is worth 15 QC.

Special ItemsEdit

  • Cheap Lighter - Buy from Buffet Truck - Use to Light up rooms of trash, burn chairs, and light cake candles (2 lighters are required per hard maze for maximum QC reward).
  • Drawing Fragment - Normal(I-IV), Hard(I-IX) - Use on table after defeating boss for bonus QC coins after solving picture. Not available in Easy mode. Completion is worth 15 QC in Normal mode and 30 in Hard.
  • Toy Teddy Bear - Comedian's Wreckage
  • Strange Paper Page - Troublemaker's Wreck - Recover Gumball's HP and MP (back to stats when entering this floor), When used by Dimension Walker Gumball, rounds of Exclusive Skill +2
  • Garbage room key - Talk to Cleaner on 11F - Used to open Garbage room
  • Work Schedule - Monkey's Remains - Lose HP by 50, Gumball's Attack +10, When used by Peter, Power +10
  • Broken Bowl - Receive an extra added 500 coins in settlement (Drops from Test Monkey)
  • Toy Gun - Deal damage to the enemy by 1 (Drops from Art Monkey)
  • Infusion Rack (Misc slot)- Recover HP +30 each time you enter the next floor (Drops from Planning Monkey)
  • Prop Chopper (Hand slot)- Attack +6, When attacking, 10% chance to deal double damages (Drops from Program Monkey)

Buffet Truck storeEdit

  • Meat Floss Bread - 100 EP - Gumball's HP and MP +30
  • Pizza - 100 EP - Restores 15% HP
  • Spicy Shrimp - 100 EP - Attack +2, Power +2
  • Cheap Lighter - 50 EP - Light a Lighter
  • Drawing Fragment - 500 EP - One part of the end puzzle


  • Maining Peter and speaking with Vincent will earn your salary. 3 Gems, 3k Coins
  • Peter's ability does NOT work in this maze. These are real people, so there is nothing to "Rasterize"
  • Most drawing fragments are dropped from monsters. In higher difficulties, one comes from the food truck, one is on Monkey's Remains, one is in the garbage room, and one is found by destroying a chair using AoE/Summon in the boardroom.
  • Clear the floor before lighting the cake to guarantee you get ten reward items. Gumball food, Coins, 1-5 sets of 3 QC coins. Bonus of 2 Gem (3 times) and 100 QC (1 time).
  • Complete the puzzle for extra QC: ?/?(Easy), ?/?(Medium), 25/30(Hard). Lower number is if pieces are correct, but you don't have all of them.
  • The animation of the Cake disappearing can be skipped by rapidly clicking both dialogue screen.
  • If your gumballs are advanced and you have good support from Talents, there are lots of teams that can work here. As a general rule, a main Melee here is nice. It is also preferable to have one Magic gumball as soul link so you can spend EP to be able cast any level 3 or 4 spells if you happen to loot some powerful ones. There is otherwise no real need for venture or magic titles here which free up lots of possible combinations for a team.

Exchange Store (QC Coins)Edit

  • 200 - 10x Mischief Frags (no limit)
  • 200 - 10x Clown Frags (limit 6)
  • 200 - 10x Bomberman Frags (limit 6)
  • 300 - Tricky Man's Mask Combo Skill
  • 150 - 1x Golden Pot (Limit 10)
  • 15 - 1x Gumball Pot (Limit 30)
  • 500 - Mischief Gumball
  • 1000 - Two-year-old Dress (Mischief Gumball's Rare Dess)
  • 200 - 10x Noble Frags (limit 6)
  • 500 - 2 Year Portrait
  • 50 Gem - 1800 QC
  • 10 Gem - 330 QC
  • Gem - 30 QC

Like the R&D Conference Room event, It appears that purchasing enough coins with gems can get you an extra 500 coins from Peter. You do NOT require Peter Gumball to get this bonus.

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