• March 2-6, 2018


Hard (1F, 3 Vigor)Edit

Reward - ~90 QC Coins

Common (1F, 2 Vigor)Edit

Reward - ~60 QC Coins

Simple (1F, 1 Vigor)Edit

Reward - ~60 QC Coins

Raid (3 Vigor) Edit

Reward - ~90 QC Coins

Level Notes Edit

Five fighting areas, Laboratory (Upper Left), Movie Set (Lower Left), Store (Upper Right), Street (Lower Right), and BOSS (Top Center).

Laboratory can spawn a unique monster called Mixture at any level that drops Strain Culture Medium potion recipe.

Laboratory reward can give a random monkey a stat boost.

Movie Set can have you fighting Blue Shark gumballs, which will drop 5 Blue Shark frags (limit 20).

Store can spawn a Lollipop Gumball which drops a Lollipop (+1 atk, +10 hp).

Store can spawn Villager gumballs which drop 5 QC coins (limit 10 coins per run).

Street can spawn a gang of monkeys (Monkey Six + extras) which drop Strange Car Key and 5 Junkman frags (limit 20).

Boss can be paid off for 3 Million to completely skip the fight and get all rewards, plus Investor Gift.

Extra RewardsEdit

Strange Car Key - 2 Gems (once), 10 QC Coins after that.

Investor Gift - 5 Gems (once), 10k gold after that.


  1. Your monkeys keep their levels, so use Easy and Medium to pre-level them.
  2. If you lose a fight, room difficulty goes down two levels.
  3. If you lose to the boss, you get kicked out to the Boardroom and get the money back.
  4. Spending 100k in food shop will get you a Gold Card, giving you 20% discount in the maze for the rest of the event.
  5. You can skip the Boss fight by having at least 3 Million and paying all your money. You still get full rewards plus a bonus of 10,000 coins in settlement.
  6. Tapping Semi-Finished Product Gumball blueprint on Conference Room table gives you $1k each time.
  7. Waking up the Sleeping Monkey in Conference Room gives you 2 Gems(once).
  8. Every third Bandit Raid gives an extra 30 QC coins (may require minimum Bandit talent level). This averages out to ~90-100 QC coins per raid versus a possible 108-110 per run on Hard, including the extra drops from the Villager gumballs and Strange Car Key

Event ShopEdit

  • 500 Coins - Semi-Finished Product Gumball
  • 200 Coins - 10x Semi-Finished Product Gumball frags (no limit)
  • 800 Coins - Color Palette Dress for Semi-Finished Product Gumball
  • 200 Coins - 10x Blade frags (limit 6)
  • 200 Coins - 10x Junkman frags (limit 6)
  • 200 Coins - 10x Totem Warlock frags (limit 6)
  • 200 Coins - 10x Franken frags (limit 6)
  • 200 Coins - 10x Flagellant frags (limit 6)
  • 500 Coins - One Year Head Portrait
  • 300 Coins - Sound of Evolution Combo Skill
  • 150 Coins - Golden Pot (limit 10)
  • 15 Coins - Gumball Pot (limit 30)
  • 50 Gems - 1800 Coins
  • 10 Gems - 330 Coins
  • 1 Gem - 30 Coins

It appears that purchasing 3600 coins with 100 gems can get you an extra 500 coins from Peter. You do NOT require Peter Gumball to get this bonus.

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