Each Maze has a collection of Quests available. Some of these are only possible to complete in Endless Mode, while some may be completed while progressing the normal "storyline" mode.

Quests are divided into specific tasks, such as

  • Kill 10x something
  • Use a certain item 10x
  • Obtain a certain item 3x
  • Reach floor 50
  • Unlock the Secret Gumball

Each task will award you between 1 and 5 dp. Once you have achieved all quests for a certain maze you will have reached 80dp for that maze.

In order to help you complete quests, you may ask your Alliance for help in the form of the Bounty system.

DP rewards Edit

  • 20:
  • 40:
  • 60:
  • 80:

Raiding bonus effects.

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