Quenching Essence Quenching Essence
Type: Consumable
This silver quenching essence of high activity looks like flowing mercury. It is able to melt into any equipment easily to strengthen and sharpen it. Through history, only the greatest alchemist ever extracted one drop of it from over one hundred tons of ores.
Use: Attack +20%

20% chance to dodge counterattack
Lasts in target floor
The effect is doubled when Alchemist and Blacksmith gumball use it.

Erathia Upgrade: Metallurgy Knowledge (High Alloy Smelting) provides: Attack+2 (valid in maze)
Source(s): Carried by Dwarf King, get from Blacksmith (Title), Great Enchanter, Great Swordsmith, and Holy Blacksmith titles. Get from Alchemist when "finding a treasure".

Can also occasionally be found in Pirate's chests, Junkman's Trash Cans, Rabbit's Eggs,...

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