Quantum Distortion Program Quantum Distortion Program
Weapon Enhancement Title
Main Effect "Beam Cannon" 25% chance to bring Distortion effect: Makes the enemy unable to take any action and increase the damage suffered by 60%, lasts for 2 rounds, halved duration against BOSS.
Bonus Effect Enhance Attack: Attack +100/200/300, "Beam Cannon" Rounds of Distortion +1/2/3

Enhance Attack: Attack +100/200/300, "Beam Cannon" Distortion effect +25%/50%/75%. (This makes the increase to damage suffered become +75%/+90%/+105%.)
Enhance HP: HP +1000/2000/3000, Triggering probability of Distortion +25%/50%/75%

EP 50 Smart Chips to learn and 50 Smart Chips per upgrade for a total of 500 Smart Chips

This relates to the Weapon Enhancement Titles line for Metal Storm.

Maximum effect:

  • 100% chance to proc
  • Debuff: +105% to damage suffered and freeze
  • Lasts for 5 rounds
  • Attack+600, HP+3000


  • Uses standard debuff slot (will for instance overwrite any existing Curse or Disrupting Ray)
  • The duration against boss is halved and rounded-up but the first round of the duration is used immediately. This means that you'll never see the debuff if it lasts just 1 round but it will still effectively protect you for 1 round.
  • Distortion is a control effect and like all control effects, it comes with an immunity to all control effects for the duration of the effect + 3 rounds
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