Qingshan Treasure Plate Qingshan Treasure Plate
Rank: ✮✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This precious porcelain plate is beautifully painted. And the bottom of the plate is printed with the heraldry of the Qingshan family. It is said that there was a very beautiful maid called O-Kiku in the Qingshan family. However, she was hated and envied because she refused the love of her owner. The owner secretly hided a heirloom plate, and slandered that O-Kiku stole it. Then she was beaten up to death and thrown into the well. Since then, the sad voice of O-Kiku comes out of the well every evening: "One, two... nine, one missing, one missing!"

Increase the effect of all Earth spells by 15%

Source(s): Cloud Island: God of Thieves encounter
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