Principal Principal Gold Statue
Trial requirement Principal evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Principal Pearl, 5 Gem, 100k Coins

Pearl Cost

10x Principal Pearl
1x Scarecrow Pearl

Statue Cost

20x Holy Crystal
2x Theia (Lv.240)
3x Iapetos (Lv.330)
3x Themis (Lv.420)

Statue Bonus Talent Level+1, Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Speed +5
Lower Clone Capacity +6

Method 1:

  1. Summon Student

Teach Fireball, Mend, and Free Sparring

Loot Bookshelf

Sell Training Agency

1, 1, 1 to Bishop

Bless x2


Cure, Bless, Ice Shield, Cure

1 into Water Master

Cure, IS, DR, Ice

Magic Apprentice Level 2

DR, Gravity x4


White Mage Level 2

Ice, Cure, Bless, Punchx2

Stoneskin, keep punching to Boss timer 1

IS, keep punching to finish

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