• Title Treasure Seeker x1, Explorationist x3
  • Get into the hut.
  • Search table and bookshelf.
  • Get out and search all remains.
  • Disenchant armor and cloak.
  • Tab anvil, place all materials needed, and forge the armor.
  • Enter the cave.
  • Use two pink potions and kill all monsters and search the remains.
  • Get out and worship mage, knight, and demon.(You can't worship the demon's remains unless you worship the mage's remains.)
  • Throw a green potion to the demon, use a pink potion, and sacrifice the heart to arcane matrix.
  • Kill the demon, loot the heart, and sacrifice it to arcane matrix.
  • Search stone pile.
  • Throw the other crystal shoe to enemy and hit until die.

Reward: Prince's Pearl x3, Gem x5, Adventure Relics x5

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