Poseidon's Crown Poseidon's Crown
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Helmet
This crown made of pure gold has inlaid a blueish gem, emitting a strong energy fluctuation. You are rejected when you place your hand on it. Any mortals who try to put it on will receive divine punishment. Qdeno was the chief mage of Holy Aoluwei Empire who acquired this crown by pure chance. He casted onto himself all sorts of protective magic and laid hundreds of defensive matrix in the lab. At the same time, he requested assistance from more than thirty mages to try putting on the Poseidon's Crown. Because of over confidence in his own power, Qdeno disappeared as if he never existed.

Receive 1 "Icicle" each time you enter 3 floor(s) of the Maze
According to Poseidon Gumball's skill to get attributes bonus when casting Water Spells (Valid in the maze)
"PoseidonLv.1"Cast rank 1 spell and increase HP by 20.
"PoseidonLv.2"Cast rank 2 spell and increase MP by 20.
"PoseidonLv.3"Cast rank 3 spell and increase Attack by 2.
"PoseidonLv.4"Cast rank 4 spell and increase Power by 2.
"PoseidonLv.5"Cast rank 5 spell and increase Attack andPower by 2.

Source(s): Carried by Poseidon Gumball
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