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Portal of Earth.png Portal of Earth
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Element: Earth
MP: 17 Type: Aid
Effect Instantly roll back several floors of the maze (Forbidden on special level) (won't make you re-do bosses)


Source Effect
Planar Prophet Effect bonus
Legendary Mage Aid effect bonus
Earth Master Earth effect bonus
Earth Elemental Boots Effect bonus +25%
Earth Mastery Suit Earth effect bonus +25%
Earth Elemental Earth effect bonus according to skill
Future Cat Up to 5 levels (based on talent level)
Space Compass 3 Floors


F=Floors travelled
P=Gumball's power
Eregular= Normal % enhancements
Eplanar= Extra floors from Planar Prophet title


  • The basic idea of this spell is that you can get the rewards from the maze without increasing the difficulty. You can go back and get more EP, more loot, more quest-specific rewards, etc, all of which will make fighting upper floors easier. This makes PoE one of the most powerful spells in the game.
  • With no other buff than fully upgraded Planar Prophet and Earth Master, you need a power of 307 to rewind 45 floors.
  • Useful when you are trying to chase maze-specific dp quests such as "Gather X items" or "Kill X enemies".
  • Extremely useful in mazes where you can gain a lot of power from the maze. For example in Avalon Fortress you can rewind the floors and gather more engineering elements to boost your stats. So if you rewind 30 floors at level 39, you will face level 40 boss with 70 floors' worth of engineering upgrades instead of 40.
  • Holy Rune Master's Arcane Crucible will NOT allow you to craft PoE.
  • Erathia is the only place you can get an item (Opticus (Brown)) that cast Portal of Earth.
  • You can get PoE from the following sources, but other than the Planar Prophet Title, you can ONLY EVER get one Portal of Earth per run. So you get a maximum of two Portals of Earth (except with Tarot, see below), but you must take Planar Prophet to get the second one. 
  • Note that getting a third one is possible using Tarot cards, you need to have tarot in your team, and chances are pretty low of getting one. Meaning that with the 3 PoE that i already got in Erathia (one from the Opticus) is still only got the tarot one 1/3 runs. 
    Screenshot 20170913-180221.jpg

Similar Effects

Aside from Portal of Earth, there are items and effects that also allow traveling backwards: