The Godfather Police Officer's Diary
Type: Consumable
..."April 3" Ugh! Today, another colleague sacrificed in the arrest. I do hate criminal gangs!

..."April 5" Today at the training ground. I met the Police Officer Blue Shark. His marksmanship is really accurate, and he's very kind. Before I left. he encouraged me. He's my idol!
..."April 6" From today. I will work hard on my training and become a person like Police Officer Blue Shark!
..."April 7" Today. I met Police Officer Blue Shark again. I can't believe it. such a stern person who goes to the movies alone. He must be too stressed in the police force!
..."May 4" Tomorrow night we'll take another action. I hope the action goes smoothly and the group of criminals will be captured in one fell swoop!

Use: Receive 100-200 EP at random
Source(s): Spacecraft Ruins maze
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