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Planetary Fragment
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock Exploration Level 61+
Normal reward Zerg Queen
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Rewards may yield any of the following:

Up to 1500 Relics
Fruit of World Tree
Psionic Storm
Perfect Enhancement

Planetary Fragment is a Sky Maze that can appear after Exploration Level 60

Overview Edit

Floors: 5
Planetary Fragment is perpetually poisoned - all tiles are poisoned for 99 rounds and cause poison when opened - and peppered with enemies that cause poison, with little to no items to provide clearance. Very few gumballs can survive here.

Recommended Build Edit

Walkthrough Edit

With poison immunity the run should be trivial, though ranking titles for Attack/HP help clearing out enemies when looking for the key and clearing enemies from the final floor.


Enemy Name & Type Form Skill Steal Drops
Zergling Egg

Beast Class

(Floor 2) Attack 0, HP 5

Hard Shell: Immune to all Spell, only lose HP by 1 when sustaining an attack
Hatch: Hatches 2 Zergs after 10 rounds. (And destroys itself in doing so)


Beast Class

(Floor 2, with 2 Zergs) Attack 15, HP 20

Pack Creature: Increase Attack for every identical monster.


Beast Class

Floor 1: Attack 6 HP 20

Spell Forbidden: Forbid the enemy to cast spell after being killed (lasts for 15 rounds)
Neurotoxin: While countering, inflicts Rigid effect (accuracy decreased by 50%, lasts for 3 rounds)


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Adventurer's Remains
Adventurer's Remains med

8 of them throughout the maze.


Contaminated Boar Meat
Desert Eagle
Rotten Fruit
Hunter's Certificate

Broken Soul: Receive 50 EP
Strange Remains(floor 4) Predator Gene Broken Soul: Receive 50 EP

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