This event is one of the four Airship Gumball Events, and combines airship battles and mazes.

Planet Smuggling Ring 600


Event Minimap

To have access to this event, you need to have unlocked airships and at least 100k energy. If you meet the requirements and the event is ongoing, your first sky exploration should make you approach the event. After that, you can return to it by clicking on the saucer that will appear on your mini-map.


Start Date Awarded Fragments
2020-11-?? NO.4 Mutant

(Frags assuming the pattern holds true, date can no longer be asserted with any assurance as the order between the events is now randomized.)

2020-09-?? NO.5 Mutant

(Frags assuming the pattern holds true, date can no longer be asserted with any assurance as the order between the events is now randomized.)

2020-06-21 Cosmic Godfather
2020-05-09 NO.1 Mutant
2020-03-15 NO.2 Mutant
2020-01-19 NO.3 Mutant
2019-11-17 NO.4 Mutant
2016-12-09 ?? (Note, at this point, the name of the event is changed to Planet Smuggling Group)

Overall infoEdit

Cosmic Godfather Final
Defeat the enemy ships for score rewards and badges. Score is used for end of event prizes (Mutant fragments and The Smuggler airship chips). Badges are for purchasing prizes in the badge shop.

150,000 score rewards are required for the best prize. That means getting 20,000 each day (defeat all enemies) and the 10,000 bonus on the last day for the "ultimate boss".



Sky EnemiesEdit

Maximum 20,000 score rewards per day. Even if you fail to defeat an enemy, you'll get a fraction of its score rewards. It will look like the possible score rewards are decreasing because you've already claimed some of them.

Gumball Score Badges Energy Fire Armor Speed Luck
NO.5 Mutant 500 50 250,000 12 21 12 15
NO.4 Mutant 1000 50 500,000 27 36 18 27
NO.3 Mutant 1500 50 1,000,000 32 35 89 8
NO.2 Mutant 2500 50 1,600,000 79 48 30 63
NO.1 Mutant 3500 50 2,500,000 48 43 36 33
Cosmic Godfather (Form 1) 5,000 50 3,600,000 118 102 57 43
Cosmic Godfather (Form 2) 6,000 50 4,000,000 128 112 67 53
Planetary Smuggling Ring (final day only) 10,000 8,000,000 130 115 70 68

When you defeat a mutant in the sky, you will either get an extra reward (on top of what is listed above) of 10 badges or be offered the opportunity to follow the defeated mutant into a maze for 1 vigor. See below for details.


If you fail a fight multiple times, you'll get a runestone that will automatically be used in your next sky fight for this event. The number of fails needed to get a rune vary but it is usually in the range 3 to 5.

Rank Rune Effect
Event3 106px 20 times Galactic Pulse Increases all attributes by 20

Increases the chance to trigger Combo Skills by 5%

Event1 106px Super Star Explosion When Round 3 begins, 100% chance of activation:

  • Inflicts damage (20% of the enemy's current Energy, not exceeding 80% of our side's total Energy)

Maze OccurrencesEdit

Sometimes after defeating a mutant, you can follow it into a maze (1 vigor). You have only one attempt per day to complete the maze. If you fail to complete the maze, it will disappear. You will not have access to re-enter the maze until you defeat that mutant again. The maze shows up randomly each day.

If you defeat all the opponents, the option will on average be offered 1.5 times per day. It is never offered from Cosmic Godfather nor for the big final fight of the final day.

Maze EnemiesEdit

Enemy Skill Loot Steal
Defective Mutant - Blue with lightsaber (Machine)
Defective Mutant - Blue Laser
Attack 10, HP 20

Concentrated Attack: Increases Attack by 20% for every identical monster

Badge (Badge)
Defective Mutant - Green with red lightsaber (Machine)
Defective Mutant Green
Attack 20, HP 50

Smashing Blow: Chance to counterattack for double damage

Badge (Badge)
Defective Mutant - Blue with blaster (Machine)
Defective Mutant Blaster
Attack 14, HP 20

Shooting: Launch a long range attack every 2 rounds

Badge (Badge)
Lunatic Gumball (Gumball)
Lunatic Gumball
Attack 50, HP 2000

M78 Nebula Nuclear Bomb: Explode after 10 rounds and do 9999 damage

Super Lightning: Cast once every 2 rounds to cause 300% damage to enemies

Galactic Energy Barrier: Immune to all control status; immune to active skills and item damages

Gravitational Wave: When present, enemy's attack is halved

Mysterious Scepter M78 Nebula Nuclear Bomb


  • Break the glass behind them to drop 5 of their fragments (use summons like Zerglings, AOE spells or the M78 Nebula Nuclear Bomb if you stole it from the Lunatic Gumball). Only one gene is obtainable from each mutant per event. Don't forget to pick up the gene item before leaving the maze!
  • No 5 Mutant Gumball - in 3F of respective maze
    • Stats: Attack 40 HP 800
    • Energy Bomb - Launch an attack each round
    • Mutant Armor - Magic Resistance +30%
    • On defeating boss - 20 Guardian's Badge, 2000 Relic Fragments
    • From No 5 Mutant Gene - 5 No 5 Mutant Gumball Fragments
  • No 4 Mutant Gumball - in 4F of respective maze
    • Stats: Attack 50 HP 1000
    • Crushing Ball - Launches an attack every 2 rounds to cause 200% damage to enemies
    • Mutant Armor - Physical Resistance 30%
  • No 3 Mutant Gumball - in 5F of respective maze
    • Stats: Attack 45 HP 800
    • Rapid Blow - Launch an attack each round and cause 150% damage to enemy
    • Overspeed Movement - High Dodge Attribute - Dodge 60%
  • No.2 Mutant Gumball - in 6F of respective
    • Stats: Attack 35 HP 1000
    • Piercing Cannon - Launches an attack every 3 rounds to cause 400% damage
    • Mutant Armor - Physical Resistance 30%
  • No.1 Mutant Gumball - in 7F of respective
    • Stats: Attack 40 HP 1000
    • Super Energy Bomb - Launch an attack every 2 rounds to cause 300% damage
    • Mutant Armor - Physical Resistance 30%

Other EncountersEdit

Airship Device
Airship Console
  • Destroy for airship materials
Cosmic Godfather's Bin
Cosmic Godfather's Bin
(Once per event)
  • Random floor, Random Maze: Grants 7 dragonballs to complete one round and obtain 1 divine dragon wish.

Captive Gumball

  • Random floor, Random Maze.
  • Talk will release it as a Lunatic Gumball to fight. Skills : See Enemies section.
  • Defeat him for Mysterious Scepter, which gives relic fragments and 100 badges at the end of the maze
  • If you defeat him, he won't appear again in this run of the event in any maze.

Tips :

  • Try using Werewolf Potion and summoners like Zerg QueenThree-eye King, or Checkers.
  • You can also use Bandit's claw to steal the M78 Nebula Nuclear Bomb. You cannot use it against him but it will give you more rounds to defeat him and you can use the bomb against the boss of the maze.

Raid RewardsEdit

On top of the rewards specified in the table below, each raid will also give:

  • 5 fragments (These are the *same* fragments that you can receive once per event per mutant through the genes like NO.5 Gene, might require to have won the fragments in a previous instance of the event)
  • 5 extra badges if the fragments are not awarded
  • Chance for an extra reward matching the Mysterious scepter (exact conditions unknown)

Note that there is also likely some randomness to the rewards.

Mutant Rewards
NO.5 Mutant 2000 Relics + 22 Badge + Airship Materials (1 rank2, 1 rank1)
NO.4 Mutant 4000 Relics + 23 Badge + Airship Materials (2 rank2, 1 rank1)
NO.3 Mutant 6000 Relics + 24 Badge + Airship Materials (4 rank1)
NO.2 Mutant 8000 Relics + 25 Badge + Airship Materials (5 rank1)
NO.1 Mutant 10000 Relics + 26 Badge + Airship Materials (4 rank2, 2 rank1)

Badge ShopEdit

Trade Guardian's Badges (Badge) for prizes. Costs may change between event instances and new items may become available for badge purchase.

Item Badges
NO.5 Mutant fragment x1 15
NO.4 Mutant fragment x1 15
NO.3 Mutant fragment x1 15
NO.2 Mutant fragment x1 15
NO.1 Mutant fragment x1 20
Cosmic Godfather fragment x1 30
Mutant Explosive 300
Mutant Armor 300
Satan's Spear 300
Relic Fragments Pack 100
Modification Material Pack 100
Battery Pack x1 50
Mysterious Statue x1 2
No.5 Mutant Capsule (and others) 2000
Geo Master's bag (Limit 1) 1000
Large Energy Storage Device (Limit 5) 300

Note: The various Mutant capsules like No.5 Mutant Capsule only show up once you have the corresponding gumball at 5 stars with certificate (or enough fragments to buy the certificate). The Geo Master's bag and Large Energy Storage Devices only show up once you have purchased all Mutant Capsules.

Score RewardsEdit

Fragments rewarded change from instance to instance following fix pattern: NO.5 Mutant, NO.4 Mutant, NO.3 Mutant, NO.2 Mutant, NO.1 Mutant, Cosmic Godfather.

Rank Score Relic Fragments Modification Material Packs Mutant Fragments The Smuggler chips
1 150,000 150k 15 120 60
2 120,000 120k 14 110 45
3 100,000 100k 13 100 40
4 80,000 80k 12 90 35
5 60,000 60k 11 80 30
6 50,000 50k 10 70 30
7 45,000 45k 9 60 25
8 40,000 40k 8 45 20
9 35,000 35k 7 30 15
10 30,000 30k 6 20 10
11 25,000 25k 5 10
12 20,000 20k 4
13 15,000 15k 3
14 10,000 15k
15 5000 10k


Sky TipsEdit

Maze TipsEdit

  • After the Captive Gumball has been defeated, the first raid on all future cycles of this event will give rewards as if you had fought the gumball.
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