Plane wonder materials are used to construct Plane Wonder buildings from Eden.

These are a special resource that is rarely given through Events, Space the goblin shop in Sky or raiding the Eden's Land Maze. When in space, materials can be found by exploring or mining asteriods, planets, or space junk.

There are currently 5 tiers, with each tier requiring 4 items and some gold to upgrade to a higher level. Wonder Material Charts are available to quickly see how many of each material is needed to upgrade each building tier.

Earthly Edit



Tower Edit

These are obtained form the Trial Tower.

Space Edit

Space rift Edit

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M02 Edit

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M05 Edit

  • Twisted Slate I (rare)
  • Dark Green Talc I
  • Fluorescent Floating Moss I
  • Dark Green Mud I

M06 Edit


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M08 Edit

  • The Beast Totem (rare)
  • Allanite
  • Big Pine
  • Forged Steel

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M13 Edit

  • Permanent Magnets I (rare)
  • Superconducting Chip I
  • Insect Wing String I
  • Sonic Beam Tube I
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