Pirate Pirate Gold Statue
Trial requirement Pirate evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Pirate's Pearl x3, 5 Gem, 100000 Coins

Pearl Cost

10x Pirate Pearl
1x Witch Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel
3x Tethys(Lv. 180)
2x Koios(Lv. 270)
1x Iapetos(Lv. 330)

Statue Bonus Attack+5, Power+1

In Sky and Space, Speed+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1:
  • Collect both Bottles
  • Buy Title Imperial Commander
  • Disenchant treasure for EP, upgrade Imperial Commander 2x, Summon 2 Warriors
  • Spam Attack

Method 2:

  • Buy a key
  • Get right treasure (Very important! This will stop the bleeding effect of boss attacks and save your HP.)
  • Get 2 bottles
  • Get Glass eye( ignores resistance)
  • Use Black Perl (pirate specific item) to get EP
  • Upgrade 1* novice warrior and 1* knight
  • Attack boss

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