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Pirate's Port
Pirate's Port
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Shop
Normal reward Bounty Hunter & Kraken Captain gumball
Raid boost Doctor Octopus
Raid reward Coins +30.000

Complete this maze to get the Bounty Hunter gumball

Hidden Gumball

Kraken Captain

To get the Kraken Captain gumball


Description DP Notes
S Get The Black Pearl x5 2 Found on corpse (once per run); the version carried by Pirate does not count
S Get Female Sketch x3 2 Buy in smuggler's shop
S Get Sorento's Costume x2 2 Found in shark's stomach, 1/3 chance (once per run)
S Get Master Turtle's Shell x2 2 Found in shark's stomach, 1/3 chance (once per run)
S Get Gark3 x2 2 Found in shark's stomach, 1/3 chance (once per run)
S Get Pirate's Strawhat x3 2 Found on corpse (once per run)
S Get The Undead's Treasure x3 2 Random Drop From Boss Stage (50+)
G Use Magical Spinach x5 2 Buy From Shop (1 per run)
G Use Pirate's Ale x10 2 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Roasted Squid x10 2 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Smoked Salmon x10 2 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Cheese Lobster x10 3 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Fried Cod Fillet x10 3 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Oyster Soup x10 2 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Use Trout Soup x10 2 Buy From Shop / Find in caves
G Kill Pirate 100 1
G Kill Orc Boatman x100 1
G Kill Assasin x100 1
G Kill Scottish First Mate x100 1
G Kill Cannon x50 1
G Kill First Boss 3
G Kill Boss x5 3
G Clear Smuggler's Cave x15 2
G Kill the enemy with the Gun Battery x200 3
G Kill with the Gatlin Gun x 15 2 Found on corpse (once per run)
S Reach floor 50 2
S Reach floor 60 3
S Reach floor 70 3
G Search Smuggler's Remains x10 1
G Buy goods in Pirate's Tavern x30 1
G Buy goods in Smuggler's Shop x15 1
G Enhance at Pirate's Smithy x5 2
G Feed Kraken Captain x10 2 Find and use the undead's treasure (boss F50+) then give him roasted squid (same as hidden gumball)
G Summon the Kraken Captain to kill the enemy x50 3
G The Orc Boatman destroy Gun Battery x100 1
G Pick up all Drift Bottles 2
G Increase Gun Battery power over 30 1
G Basic attack reaches 80 2
G Basic power reaches 80 2
G Obtain hidden gumball 5


Noisy Seaport

Floors 20 (Difficulty 19) - 1 Vigor

Unforgivable Sin

Floors 25 (Difficulty 20) - 1 Vigor

Cross! Rolling High Waves!

Floors 30 (Difficulty 21) - 1 Vigor

Endless Mode - 2 Vigor


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Pirate [Human]
Decrease HP when a friendly target is killed EP Pirate's Ale
Orc Boatman [Beast]
Destroy a Gun Battery every 3 rounds Ammo Trout Soup
Assassin [Human]
Attacks every 4 round, does 400% damage Knight's Suit Holy Cup
Sottish First Mate [Human]
Double attack of pirates and orc boatmen when present Apprentice Suit Oyster Stew
Cannon [Machine]
Launches an atteck every 2 rounds Ammo Ammo
Lord of Tide
See boss section Roasted Squid or Smoked Salmon Cheese Lobster or Fried Cod Fillet


Lord of Tide

Floor Attack HP Dodge Accuracy Demonized Armor X, Y
30 28 464 0% 100% 30%, 10%
40 48 929 0% 100% 30%, 10%
50 77 1800 0% 100% 30%, 10%
60 135 3381 0% 100% 40%, 20%
70 211 6251 0% 100% 40%, 20%
80 358 ???? 0% 100% 40%, 20%
90 637 ???? 0% 100% 50%, 30%
100 870 ???? 0% 100% 50%, 30%
110 ~1650 >100k 0% 100% 50%, 30%


  • Overlord's Fury: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 300% damage to enemies
  • Demonized Armor: Physical Resistance + X%, Spell Resistance + Y%,

Special Occurrences


Pirate's Tavern

For sale:

Smuggler's Shop

For Sale:


Gun Battery

- use a bomb to cause damage 


- gives Ammo

Pirate's Smithy

- upgrade equipment using EP

Smuggler's Cave

- fight pirates to get a reward

  • Caisson - gives Ammo
  • Smuggler's Remains - gives EP or coins

Kraken Captain

Once summoned, Davy Jones alias Kraken Captain becomes an ally. He remains at your side until he dies or (the first time), you recruit him.

Besides the Roasted Squid, you can give him other foods to increase his viability. It's probably not worth it but it can be done. Foods giving Power or MP are pointless.
Some special foods have special effects:

Note that increases to his Defense will also increase your own defense for as long as the ally is alive.

Drift Bottle

- get:


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Shark's Corpse (1x)
Shark's Corpse
Shark's Stomach (open to get one of the following) Shark's Soul: Attack +1
Sorento's Costume Sorento's Soul: Increase effect of all Water Spells by 5%
Master Turtle's Shell Turtle Master's Soul: 1 Dragon Ball
Gark3 Stark's Soul: 600 EP
Pirate's Remains (Luffy) (once per run)
Luffy Remains
Pirate's Strawhat Luffy's Soul: Receive 3 Strange Fruits
Machine Gunner's Remains (1x)
Machine Gunner's Remains
Gatlin Gun Machine Gunner's Soul: Gatlin Gun increased power
Pirate's Remains (Jack Sparrow) (1x)
Jack Sparrow Remains
BLACK PEARL Captain Jack's Soul: Increase damage by 30 when Gumball controls the Gun Battery
Smuggler's Remains
Smuggler Remains - Colorless
EP or coins Broken Smuggler's Soul: Decrease EP consumption by 1% in Smuggler's Shop
Complete Smuggler's Soul: Decrease EP consumption by 3% in Smuggler's Shop

Out of Maze Loot

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball specific loots and effects


  • After obtaining the hidden gumball, you do not need to feed it on the following run. All you need to do is to summon it and let it die, it will drop 10 fragments each run. There is no know way to earn 20 Kraken Captain in one run.
  • Gun Battery's Shoot cannot be copied by Cytus

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