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Type Melee Melee Title.png
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Fashion Not released

Pirate Gumball was coast defense commander in Tuya kingdom 2 years ago. An old navigation map was found when he was out in the sea. For some unknown reason, he joined the pirates and became their leader.

How to Get

Complete maze Skeleton Island


(Talents are shared across all gumballs and increase with star rank)

Increases the resources brought back by scouts by 10/15/20/25/30% when exploring the wildernesses.

Exclusive Skill

(Exclusive skills can be soul linked in battle. Feed to improve exclusive skills)

Pirate Gumball's mysterious nautical chart can automatically search for hidden treasure in a Maze (8/12/16/20/24% chance to discover pirates' treasure on each floor and mark its location).
Carries Black Pearl when selected as main gumball.

Possible chest rewards:

Combat Skills

Skill Effect
Hero's Heart Armor+10 Fire+3
Leader's Armband Fire+5 Speed+5


Max Stats

(For gumball reached 5 stars, feeding completed, and weapon and certificate are fully upgraded.)

Maze Airship
Attack Power HP MP Fire Speed Armor Luck
32 10 380 200 0 3 3 0

Weapon and Certificate

(Blacksmith gumball decreases weapon coin cost)

Rank Weapon Bonus Weapon Cost Certificate Bonus Certificate Cost
1 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 Attack+2 Magic Iron x160
coin x5,000
HP+30 MP+10 Fragment x30
5000 Coins
3 Attack+4 Dark Steel x240
coin x30,000
HP+40 MP+20 Fragment x60
30,000 Coins
4 Attack+5 Power+1 Mithril x320
coin x100,000
HP+50 MP+30 Defense+1 Fragment x120
100,000 Coins
5 Attack+6 Power+2 Armor+3 Eternal Gold x400
coin x 250,000
HP+60 MP+40 Speed+3 Fragment x180
250,000 Coins



Level Upgrade Effect
Goblin's Chocolate.png
Goblin's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Caveman's Gingerbread.png
Caveman's Gingerbread:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Vanilla Flour x10, coins x50

HP+15 MP+15
Goblin's Pizza.png
Goblin's Pizza:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Vanilla Flour x10, coins x50

Witch's Chocolate.png
Witch's Chocolate:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Gumball Jelly.png
Gumball Jelly:

Lizard's Spawn x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Exclusive skill level +1
Soul Cake.png
Soul Cake:

Vanilla Flour x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

HP+10 MP+10
Dryad's Ice Cream.png
Dryad's Ice Cream:

Lizard's Spawn x20, Fairy Spring x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

Attack+1 Power+1
Bishop's Chocolate.png
Bishop's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x20, Star Mint x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

EP+100 when entering a maze
Comet Cake.png
Comet Cake:

Lizard's Spawn x20, Star Mint x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Attack+1 HP+20
Sapphire Jelly.png
Sapphire Jelly:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Blue Crystal Gel x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Exclusive skill level +1
Dwarf's Bitter.png
Dwarf's Bitter:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Fairy Spring x10, Star Mint x10, coin x500

Demon's Chocolate.png
Demon's Chocolate:

Star Mint x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Elf's Dust x10, coin x5,000

EP+100 when entering a maze
Angel's Puff.png
Angel's Puff:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Crystal Egg x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

HP+30 MP+30
Vodka of Fate.png
Vodka of Fate:

Fairy Spring x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Miracle Jelly.png
Miracle Jelly:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Exclusive skill level +1
Owl's Red Wine.png
Owl's Red Wine:

Fairy Spring x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Attack+2 Power+1
Emperor's Chocolate.png
Emperor's Chocolate:

Tower Flower x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Dragon's Rib x10, coin x50,000

EP+200 when entering a maze
Dragon Blood Whiskey.png
Dragon Blood Whiskey:

Elf's Dust x20, Dragon's Rib x10, Holy Blood x10, coin x50,000

Apollo Pizza.png
Apollo Pizza:

Crystal Egg x20, Holy Blood x10, Rainbow Shell x10, coin x50,000

HP+60 MP+20
Starmoon Vodka.png
Starmoon Vodka:

Elf's Dust x20, Star Scrap x10, Bone of Moonlight x10, coin x50,000

Attack+2 Power+1 Exclusive skill level +1

Enhanced items

Pirate Chests Distribution

The table below doesn't list the golden chests (see Pirate/Easter Eggs) nor the maze specific chests.
Some chests can only be obtained once per maze run and there seems to be some kind of hard limit of 3 as to how many of some "good" chests you can get in total a run (and/or possibly per day). Exactly which chests are part of that limit and exactly how it works is unknown but most (all ?) chests limited to once per run are part of that limit too.

Exact chances are unknown. "Average" chances are somewhat around 5%, probably a bit below that.
The chance stated relates to the set of items listed in that group, chances for any individual item in that group is of course lower. When possible, items within a group are listed by what appears to be a decreasing probability.

Non-Maze Specific, Non-Easter Egg Chests
# Loot Chance max
1 EP: 50/100/150 EP High Any
2 Dragon Ball Average Any
3 Low-level Scrolls High Any
4 Low-level Equipment High Any
5 Recovery items: 3x Cheap Liquor / 3x Low Quality Cigarette High Any
6 Stat buff consumables: Holy Cup / Orc's Liver / Eyeball Tincture Medium-High Any
7 Effect items: 2x Old Bronze Mirror / 2x Bottle of Blood / 2x Shaman's Ear / 1x Music Box / 1x Strange Statue Medium-High Any
8 Damage Items: 3x Persian Powder / 2x Flick Knife Average Any
9 Quenching Essence Low Any
10 Gems: 1 Gem or 2 Gem

Note: There is a unknown lifetime limit on those.

Low ?
11a Part Set: Mage's Amulet + Mage's Ring + Mage's Cloak Low 1
11b Part Set: Helmet of Order + Gloves of Order + Belt of Order Low 1
11c Part Set: Shadow Helmet + Shadow Cuffs Low 1
11d Part Set: Dragon Scale Armor + Blade of Ruin Low 1
12a Black Pearl + 5x Curse Low 1
12b Fire Warlock's Necklace + 5 Fire Ball Low 1
12c Lightning Boots + 5x Lightning Bolt Low 1
12d Water Spirit's Cape + 5x Cure Low 1
12e White Pearl + 5x Bless Low 1
13 800 EP Low 1
14 2x Holy Cup Low 1
15 Unknown Swordsmanship Scroll + 500 EP Low *
16 Cross + Swordsmanship scroll.

Confirmed scrolls: Kay's Scroll Gawaine's Scroll Tristan's Scroll Percivale's Scroll Geraint's Scroll Bors's Scroll Bedivere's Scroll Gareth's Scroll Galahad's Scroll

Low *
17 Knight's Gloves + Swordsmanship scroll.

Confirmed scrolls: Gaheris's Scroll

Very low 1
18a Unicorn's Signet + 2 Blind Very low 1
18b Swan's Signet + Ice Shield Very low 1
18c Mermaid's Signet + Electrostatic Field Very low 1
18d Raging Bull's Signet + Death Ripple Very low 1
18e Black Dragon's Signet + Bishop's Cape Very low 1
18f Phoenix's Signet + Bishop's Cape Very low 1

Chest limit marked with a "*" a probably not limited individually but part of the suspected limit of 3 good chests.