Faction Canas' Enlightenment Canas' Enlightenment
Type Magic Magic Title
Trial/Statue Trial and Statue Info Gold Statue
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs EasterEgg
Fashion Not released

The verge of the chaotic universe frequently suffers the onslaught of elemental storms all year round (The chaotic energy in the storm can tear apart any matter). Born in the chaos, Phoenix Gumball is surrounded by golden flame that represents destruction and rebirth.

How to Get

Broken Elemental Continent event reward:

  • Each elemental maze is 5 floors, and on the 4th floor of each maze, there is a phoenix egg.
  • Each run you can sacrifice only 1 equipment to the phoenix egg for energy (1 star for 10 energy, 2 star for 20 energy and so on).
  • The fastest way is to go Imperial Commander for guaranteed 6 star equipment (or bring Athena' Tears potion for Key of War / or use Time Wizard / Creator for their key also).
  • Do not use Magic Carpet or Time Machine (Future Cat) or Portal of Earth prior to sacrificing to the egg. Seems like if you haven’t sacrificed an equipment and you portal back to lower floor, the egg won't reappear.
  • 500 energy for Phoenix to join your team and subsequent 300 energy for 30 fragments (you can accumulate all the energy and it wont disappear after event end and it will be brought forward to the next one).


(Talents are shared across all gumballs and increase with star rank)

Upgrade Eternal Suit in maze – every floor provides Timestill, last for -/-/3/4/5 rounds

Exclusive Skill

(Exclusive skills can be soul linked in battle. Feed to improve exclusive skills)

Elemental flame – when burned, does not take any damage and instead heal 5/10/15/20/25. Every 8 turns, release elemental flame and burn all enemies (60% power). Gets +2% for every +10% to damaging spells (Fire Master, Lord of the Elements...)
Bring Phoenix Feather into maze: power +2, MP +20, cast Holy Rebirth when equip for the first time. Get Blade of Ruin every 20 floors

Combat Skills

Skill Effect
Chaos Sky Fire Fire+6 Speed+4
Eye of Destruction 15% chance to cast the skill (Instead of airship's attack):

Causes damage (160% of main cannon's power)


Max Stats

(For gumball reached 5 stars, feeding completed, and weapon and certificate are fully upgraded.)

Maze Airship
Attack Power HP MP Fire Speed Armor Luck
9 33 205 375 0 3 3 0

Weapon and Certificate

(Blacksmith gumball decreases weapon coin cost)

Rank Weapon Bonus Weapon Cost Certificate Bonus Certificate Cost
1 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 n/a n/a n/a n/a
3 Power+4 HP+20,MP+40 Fragment x60
30,000 Coins
4 ? ?
5 ? ?



Level Upgrade Effect
Goblin's Chocolate
Goblin's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Soul Cake
Soul Cake:

Vanilla Flour x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

HP+10 MP+10
Hobbit Omelet
Hobbit Omelet:

Lizard's Spawn x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Witch's Chocolate
Witch's Chocolate:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Gumball Jelly
Gumball Jelly:

Lizard's Spawn x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Exclusive skill level +1
Caveman's Gingerbread
Caveman's Gingerbread:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Vanilla Flour x10, coins x50

HP+15 MP+15
Dryad's Ice Cream
Dryad's Ice Cream:

Lizard's Spawn x20, Fairy Spring x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

Attack+1 Power+1
Bishop's Chocolate
Bishop's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x20, Star Mint x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

EP+100 when entering a maze
Starlight Pie
Starlight Pie:

Vanilla Flour x20, Star Mint x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Power+1 MP+20
Sapphire Jelly
Sapphire Jelly:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Blue Crystal Gel x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Exclusive skill level +1
Dwarf's Bitter
Dwarf's Bitter:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Fairy Spring x10, Star Mint x10, coin x500

Demon's Chocolate
Demon's Chocolate:

Star Mint x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Elf's Dust x10, coin x5,000

EP+100 when entering a maze
Angel's Puff
Angel's Puff:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Crystal Egg x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

HP+30 MP+30
Vodka of Fate
Vodka of Fate:

Fairy Spring x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Miracle Jelly
Miracle Jelly:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Exclusive skill level +1
Owl's Red Wine
Owl's Red Wine:

Fairy Spring x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Attack+2 Power+1
Emperor's Chocolate
Emperor's Chocolate:

Tower Flower x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Dragon's Rib x10, coin x50,000

EP+200 when entering a maze
Rainbow Bubble Champagne
Rainbow Bubble Champagne:

Elf's Dust x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Rainbow Shell x10, coin x50,000

Sage Cookie
Sage Cookie:

Tower Flower x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Star Scrap x10, coin x50,000

HP+20 MP+60
Lich King's Rum
Lich King's Rum:

Evil Pumpkin x20, Holy Blood x10, Bone of Moonlight x10, coin x50,000

Power+3 Exclusive skill level +1

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