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Pharaoh Pharaoh.png Gold Statue.png
Trial requirement Pharaoh evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

5x Goblin fragment, 3x Pharaoh's pearl, 5x Adventure Relics

Pearl Cost

10× Pharaoh Pearl
Goblin Pearl

Statue Cost

40x Mithril
2x Tethys (Lv. 180)
3x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)
3x Themis (Lv. 420)

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Luck+5
Super Clone Capacity+1

  • Title: treasure seeker 1*, explorer 1*, demon hunter 2*
  • Open chest
  • Use pharaoh mixture, millennium key, eye
  • attack explosive pumpkin x3
  • attack mummy x1
  • use curse
  • attack mummy x2
  • use curse
  • attack mummy/boss x2
  • use curse
  • attack boss x2
  • use curse
  • attack boss x2
  • use curse
  • attack boss x2
  • use stoneskin
  • use eye
  • attack boss x5

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