When Peter is used as main in Adventurer's Forest, new dialogue is available with the monkey in the Tree House. If you encourage the monkey, Peter will instantly equip the Tree House with multiple weapons. These weapons cannot be upgraded.

Weapon Effect Catchphrase 1 Catchphrase 2 Catchphrase 3
Peter's Grenade Launcher Throw to inflict 75 damage I think I am invincible now. Attention! I'm gonna kill all of you! Animals, come out to breathe freely! Ha-ha!
Peter's Flame Thrower Throw to inflict 30 points of damage to the enemy.

Special: 100% chance of splash damage to enemies of the same column

Turn up the fire! Roast it a little more! Ha-ha, tonight, we'll eat roasted pig! Wow, the aroma of barbecue meat...
Peter's Shoulder Bazooka Throw to inflict 20 points of damage to the enemy.

Special: 50% chance of splash damage on all the enemies

Animals in the forest, Rambo is here! Ha-ha, I'm gonna kill all of you with my rocket bombs. Fire! This is the price since you dared to wake me up.
Peter's Frag Grenage Cause 50 points of damage after being thrown.

Special: Deals 100% splash damage to enemies within 2 slots.

Come on! I'll let you have a taste of the power of grenades! Fire in the hole! Here comes the grenade! Catch!
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