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The event appears on the bottom left.

Peter's Wooden Desk is an event that rarely happens during a playthrough. It usually appears in Adventurer's Forest.


When the event appears on your map, it appears as a small wooden table with a candle, a book and a potion.


Upon activation, the event gives you three options: "A Letter From the Developers", "A letter from Peter" and "I want to leave a message". Selecting either of the first two opens up a message from the developers or Peter & Vincent respectively, while the third option redirects you to the play store to leave a review. Once you return to the game, a small message saying something along the lines of "Don't touch my stuff...well, fine" appears, granting you +3 Attack, +3 Power, +30 HP, +30 MP and +3 dragon balls.


  • This event may only be encountered once per account, and may be tied to account age rather than being a random event.
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