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You find it rather hard to accept the presence of this monkey in your team. The rule of this game is to have Gumballs as leading characters, isn't it? "... Because I am one of the developer", said the monkey with pride.

How to Get

Open the Gate of Creation using 7 keys. Peter comes as a full 5* gumball, but you still will need to buy its fragments in order to get it a 5* certificate and of course - more fragments to smelt pearls in order to build its statue. Additional fragments can be purchased from the market for gems.


(Talents are shared across all gumballs and increase with star rank)

Enhances airship's fighting capacity in the Air War: Energy +18,000 and Fire +5 (Energy +30,000 and Fire +6 at lvl6)

Exclusive Skill

("Fence". Exclusive skills can be soul linked in battle. Feed to improve exclusive skills)

As a game developer, when entering in the maze, this monkey will prepare 200/400/600/800/1000 lines of program code. Through these garbage codes, it can randomly rasterize enemy files (active release, the effect increased with skill level).

Carry Inflatable Monkey Baby by default when selected as main gumball.

As an active skill, the player can spend 50 lines of code to banish an enemy from the map (Does not work on bosses). Can be recharged a limited number of times using Inflatable Monkey Baby.

Combat Skills

Skill Effect
Game's Secret Manual Luck+3 Armor+2 Fire+2 Speed+2


Max Stats

(For gumball reached 5 stars, feeding completed, and weapon and certificate are fully upgraded.)

Maze Airship
Attack Power HP MP Fire Speed Armor Luck
23 21 295 285 0 3 0 3

Weapon and Certificate

(Blacksmith gumball decreases weapon coin cost)

Rank Weapon Bonus Weapon Cost Certificate Bonus Certificate Cost
1 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 n/a n/a n/a n/a
3 n/a n/a n/a n/a
4 n/a n/a n/a n/a
5 Attack+5 Power+5 Luck+3 HP+50 MP+50 Speed+3 Fragment x180
250,000 C



Level Upgrade Effect
Goblin's Chocolate
Goblin's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
2 ??? ???
3 ??? ???
Witch's Chocolate
Witch's Chocolate:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Gumball Jelly
Gumball Jelly:

Lizard's Spawn x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Exclusive skill level +1
6 ??? ???
7 ??? ???
Bishop's Chocolate
Bishop's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x20, Star Mint x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

EP+100 when entering a maze
9 ??? ???
Sapphire Jelly
Sapphire Jelly:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Blue Crystal Gel x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Exclusive skill level +1
11 ??? ???
Demon's Chocolate
Demon's Chocolate:

Star Mint x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Elf's Dust x10, coin x5,000

EP+100 when entering a maze
13 ??? ???
14 ??? ???
Miracle Jelly
Miracle Jelly:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Exclusive skill level +1
16 ??? ???
Emperor's Chocolate
Emperor's Chocolate:

Tower Flower x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Dragon's Rib x10, coin x50,000

EP+200 when entering a maze
18 ??? ???
19 ??? ???
20 ??? ???

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