Peony Lantern Peony Lantern
Type: Consumable
It is said that this paper lantern painted with a read peony flower has a special ability to reveal the ghosts. The famous lady A-lu had been in love with the ronin New Saburo for a long time, but because of their disparity in position, they couldn't see each other from time to time. She got sick from missing and never recovered. When New Saburo arrived, he heard the news of her death...New Saburo was very downhearted and began to live alone. On the night of the Ghost Festival, New Saburo heard a knock at the door. When he opened the door, A-lu was standing in front of him. And what she was carrying was just this peony lantern...
Use: Light the Peony Lantern
Source(s): Cloud Island

Other Uses

  • Can be used to reveal O-Kiku.
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