A Gumball pearl may be created once a gumball has reached 5 stars and equipped a certificate. Pearls are used to construct the gumball's Statue, or in some rare cases trade with certain Planets in Space.

Pearls that are requested at some time in space and required for 100% completion:

Gumball Amount Where
Vampire 10 Space/M01
Zerg Queen 5 Space/M01
Zeros 10 Space/M02
Hella 5 Space/M02
Witch 10 Space/M03
Pharaoh 5 Space/M03
Death Knight 10 Space/M04
Frost Queen 5 Space/M04
Lich King 10 Space/M05
Exorcist 5 Space/M05
Future Cat 10 Space/M06
Armor 5 Space/M06
Sunflower 10 Space/M07
Cactus 5 Space/M07
Raptor 10 Space/M08
Orc 5 Space/M08
Scarecrow 10 Space/M09
Red Hood 5 Space/M09
Blue Shark 10 Space/M10
Cytus 5 Space/M10
Wondrous Cube 10 Space/M11
Puppeteer 5 Space/M11
Lamp 10 Space/M12
Dimension Walker 5 Space/M12
Checkers 10 Space/M13
Geisha 5 Space/M13
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