Vine Parasitic Vine
Type: Consumable
This parasitic plant is part of the Bloodthirst Vine Gumball. Once it feels the living thing, it will tightly enfold its prey and thirstily suck the blood. When the target drained, it will sprout out from the dried corpse and evolve itself into a complete vine.
Use: deal Damage to all enemies by 30, parasitic effect attached (lose HP by 10 each round, and turn the enemy killed into Vine Cirrus, invalid to the lifeless enemies like undead and elements and BOSS[notes 1])

Enhance cirrus abilities according to the Bloodthirst Vine Gumball's skill level

  1. inherits 30% HP of Bloodthirst Vine
  2. inherits 30% Attack of Bloodthirst Vine
  3. inherits 50% HP of Bloodthirst Vine
  4. inherits 50% Attack of Bloodthirst Vine
  5. master bloodthirsty[notes 2] character
Source(s): From Bloodthirst Vine


  1. It can however affect some Boss minions like the ones in Sdorica
  2. Actually gives Bloodlust effect: When attacking, 30% chance to deal double damage, Blood Leech effect attached (Recover HP that equals to the 50% of the damage dealt)
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