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Explanation of Parasite Gumballs:Edit

The Parasite gumballs are special gumballs which may be drastically altered depending on which parasite hosts you have collected. The complete list of gumball babies is found on the Gumball Babies. page, along with the effects.The parasite gumball does not have it's own class or inherent abilities, but rather changes the classes available to you and abilities gained based on it's host. The Gumball Babies page gives further details. 

In order to change the current parasite host, you need to view the details of whichever parasite you want to change, and tap the icon for the gumball's skill level (next to the table of it's current stats) and then tap the button "Select a Host." Then, you'll be able to select from any of the available hosts you have collected. Only one parasite can be linked to the same host at a time. 

If you have not selected a host yet, when you try to select or soul link a parasite, you'll get a brief message, "Have not parisitized a host yet, unable to battle!" 

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