Found in Hell Frontier.

Skill Price/lvl Max lvl Effect on max lvl
Light of Corruption 3 of each 50 1000 dmg every 3 round
dispel 1/1/2/2/3 layers of Demon Mark on attack (every 10 lvl)
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10% chance to inflict Corruption (every 5 lvl)
When attacking instantly kill enemy whose HP is lower than 20%
Chaos Crystal Core 50 of each At least 4 Receive Demon Gift Box

Possible reward includes Paradise Lost Wing Plane.

Damage of Paradise lost +20%/40%/60%/?
Scorching Flame Crystal Core FC 20 Immune to Magic Burning
Effect of all Fire spells +20%
50% chance to deal double damage on attack
Cold Ice Crystal Core WC 20 Immune to Death Decay
Effect of all Water spells +20%
10% Chance to cast Ice Shield after killing enemy
Earth Crystal Core EC 20 Immune to Thump
Effect of all Earth spells +20%
Attack +20, Power +20, HP and MP +200
Hurricane Crystal Core AC 20 Immune to Collapse
Effect of all Air spells +20%
10% Chance for spell to not consume MP
Holy Light Crystal Core LC 20 Immune to Status Eliminated
Effect of all Light spells +20%
When suffering damage 5% chance of immunity to all damages
Azazel's Statue grants: Curse immunity
Dark Crystal Core DC 20 Immune to Spell Forbiden
Effect of all Dark spells +20%
Receive 5 Implosion
Azazel's Statue grants: enemies can not revive
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