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Paladin's Training Camp
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock 70 exploration
Normal reward Medal of Paladin

? Melee Relics
? Battery Packs

Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 1200 Relics

12 Statue

Paladin's Training Camp is a Sky Maze that can appear after exploring the sky 70 times.

Overview Edit

Floors: 4
Paladin's Training Camp portrays the "Paladin Tank" stereotype of many games - face-tanking inordinate amounts of damage. The intended clear method is to survive through large amounts of damage, though alternate methods exist.

Recommended Build Edit

Easy Build

  • Gumball: Condottiere
  • Potion: None necessary
  • Artifact: None necessary
  • Soul-Link: Any

Alternate (non-Golden Pot) Build

Walkthrough Edit

Easy Build:
Kill everything with Persian Powder.

Alternate Build:
Read the book until it stops providing EP. Pick up the Paladin's Armor, Paladin's Belt and Medal of Loyalty, then rank up melee titles until Light Paladin is available. Do not rank Light Paladin yet! Keep enough EP to rank Light Paladin after entering the 4th floor!

Second Floor:
Kill enemies, use items found, rest.

Third Floor:
Same as second floor.

Fourth Floor:
Attack enemies until the next hit will kill you. Rank Light Paladin to fully heal, then kill enemies.

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