Part of the Hall of Overseeing, the Overlook was added in 2.7.2. It lists Easter Eggs such as fashions, Fane Expansion (statue) unlocks and allows you to complete Maze DP quests if you don't have an Alliance to help you with bounties.

You'll find the Overlook in your main Eden hall underway to the Plane Wonder interface.

As you increase your total collection of maze and Event rewards, you'll be eligible for special rewards in the Overlook, including Clone genes.

Description[edit | edit source]

This seemingly fictional device is made according to the space-time theory in the <Astana Diary>. In his diary, Astana points out that if there is enough advanced technology to support the object to move at the speed of light, then this object has the chance to reach the parallel world of a certain future node, and bring back some "things" from there - either an item or a certain state or attribute. However, due to the world's revamping of the time and space paradox, people can never get the "thing" brought back form the future by any means.

Event Statistics Rewards[edit | edit source]

Score Reward
1000 Hellhound Gene
950 Eden Accelerator (3h) x5
900 10 Gem
850 Volcanic III
800 Little Demon Gene
750 Eden Accelerator (60m) x5
700 Gem
650 Volcanic II x2
600 Gem
550 Eden Accelerator (30m) x5
500 Gem
450 Volcanic II
400 Steel Mushroom Gene
350 Eden Accelerator (15m) x5
300 Gem
250 Volcanic I x2
200 Gem
150 Eden Accelerator (10m) x5
100 Gem
50 Volcanic I
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