Overclocking Module Overclocking Module
Type: Consumable
This intricate set of modules was the product of an ancient civilization thousands of years ago. It contains tens of thousands of micro-computing module inside, giving Catherine Gumball the capacity to process unimaginable amount of data within an extremely short time.
Use: Lose 10 HP. Gumball's Power +2 (permanent)

Also obtain special effects according to Catherine Gumball's skills:

  • "Controller Lv.1" Power +20
  • "Controller Lv.2" Ignore enemy's Spell Resistance by 20%
  • "Controller Lv.3" Power +30
  • "Controller Lv.4" Ignore enemy's Spell Resistance by 30%
  • "Controller Lv.5" Power +40

(valid in the target floor, the effect cannot be stacked, uses standard buff slot)

Total at lv 5: Power +90, Ignore enemy's Spell Resistance by 50%

City of Steam Upgrade: Mechanics Knowledge (Aloys Power Core) provides: MP+30 (valid in the current maze)

Mechanics Knowledge (Automatic Sensor) provides: All spell effects +10% (valid in the current floor)

Source(s): Default carry of Catherine
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