Oriental shrine Item
Oriental shrine

The Oriental Shrine accepts items with a "Far-Eastern" origin. This appears to mean items with origins or historical connections to the area between the Arabian Peninsula and China/Japan.

How it works:

  • Any item submitted to the shrine disappear
  • the shrine disappears after you have submitted an item that gives a reward.
  • Once you have submitted 5 items with rewards (the same item can be given multiple times) in 5 different maze runs, the shrine will no longer appear.

Note: the 5 items limit might be a simplification but the principle is verified: after a few successes, the shrine will never appear anymore.

Item Source Reward
Brewmaster's Wine Panda main carry or Ancient Arena drop Gem x30
Seven Jewels Pagoda Heavenly King Gem x25
Head Hoop Monkey King Gem x25
Warrior's Heavy Armor Ancient Arena, stolen from or dropped by special lounge enemy Gem x25
Image of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Mahiraga, Gandharva, Asura, Yaksha, Garuda, and Magmatron main carry Gem x25
Foxtail Gumiho Golden Pot x5
Tenka Nobunaga Golden Pot x5
Oriental Paper Cutting Three-eye King Golden Pot x3
Wonderful Landscape Painting Great Guardian Golden Pot x3
Palm-Leaf Fan Bull Demon King Golden Pot x3
Devil's Right Eye Masamune default carry Gumball Pot x5
Super Dorayaki Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Gumball Pot x5
Dorayaki Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Gumball Pot x3
Folding Fan Item from Gods' Chessboard Adventure Relics x5
The Book of Five Rings Musashi main carry Adventure Relics x5
Ninjutsu Scroll Hero's Village shrine Adventure Relics x5 or Magic Relics x5
Arabian Nights Genie wish Adventure Relics x5

Items/Equipment that Yields No RewardEdit







Souls that Yields no Reward  Edit

this subsection was added as a new project I'm going to undertake in an attempt to expand into new possible rewards giving by the shrine. due to the fact that it accepts any soul, I give it I have theorized that there should be one that has a high pay off and considering that before I started this subsection there was only one soul listed I have high hopes for this to pay off.

there are 117 know lantern souls never minded bow souls and so far only 3 lantern souls and only 1 bow souls have been checked

  • Abe no Seimei's Soul
  • Complete Mammal's Soul
  • Complete Mage`s Soul
  • Neji's Soul

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