This is for the 2020 Oriental Celebration. For previous iterations, see Oriental Celebration 2019 and Oriental Celebration 2018.

Easy - 6 Floors (1st success gives 1 Gem)

Medium - 8 Floors (1st success gives 1 Gem)

Hard - 10 Floors (1st success gives 1 Gem and allows raids) - Minimum 24-32 Red Envelope

Raid - 21-24 Red Envelope (+10 Red Envelope every 4 Raids)

On the first floor spells in the box, special food (1x Candy & 1x Dumplings) on the table, and the event NPC is found. On the last Floor, exchange Offerings received from killing bosses for Envelopes (3~4 Red Envelope each on Hard) to use in the Event Shop. Every floor in between will contain a gumball you fight as a boss.

Once all the limited rewards have been completed, the average reward for a run in hard mode should be around 30 Red Envelope (assuming around 50% chance of finding Hercules and a 3.5 Red Envelope average reward per Offering)


Possible Boss Skills Bonus
Thump: Launch an attack every round, dealing double Damages to the enemy

Weapon Forging: Attack is increased by 3 per round

Can drop: Quenching Essence

Rummage anvil on the main floor (not house):


Can drop: Super Time Bomb

Let Bomberman live for 10 turns so he can drop bomb and let it explode after 3 more turns (stoneskin helps survive).

This will open a hole with Gems and Gold. Use God of Thieves title to find some extra Gems.

Iron Pan Knock: Launch an attack every round

Tasty Cuisine: Recover HP by 30 per round

Can drop: Gumball food

Iron Pan: Rummage gives food

Cosmic Godfather
Cosmic Godfather
After defeating him use Optical Camouflage from Wilderness Hunter to open the vault, and use all wishes to get 200 Red Envelope once.
Hard mode: Attack 40, HP 550

Deliver: Launches an attack each round
Celerity: High Dodge (50%), Launches an attack when successfully dodged.

  1. Kill courier but do not talk to him
  2. Enter house and pickup parcel
  3. If you have Hamster as main, talk to Courier to receive a fashion
  4. If not, continue until you hopefully find hamster on a later floor
  5. Defeat Hamster and deliver the package
  6. Portal back and talk to Courier for 100 Red Envelope (first time) then 1000 EP after

You can also just open the parcel for a consumable item worth 500 EP, but you will get fewer envelops at the end.

No fight. He will throw 4 keys around him and ask you to find the Key of Fate. If you pick the wrong one, you get zapped by a holy bolt (around 80-100 damage). This will repeat until you picked the right key.
Key of Fate
Key of Fate is:

Can drop: 3x Holy Bolt, 1x Divine Favor

Hard mode: Attack 35, HP 800

PawStrike: Launch an attack every round, with the Bleeding effect (loses HP every round, lasting 3 rounds)

Burrowing: A chance to be immune to all Damages

Enter through one of the holes. Find 5 buffed up Cheese worth each +3 Attack, +30 HP

Form 1:   1000 HP

  • Thump - Launch an attack every round
  • Awakening - Turn into a true god form when HP is lower than 50%, Attack and HP are increased by 30%

Form 2:  "Awakening Form"

  • Thump - Launch an attack every round

Can drop: Golden Apple (random of three)

Once Hercules is defeated, talk to him for the normal reward. Once done, damage him with a non-targeted effect like Death Ripple to start a second fight.

Form 3: "Revived Form" 1500 HP

  • Power of Go - Launch an attack every round, dealing double damages to the enemy
  • Twelve Trials - Attack is increased by 10% per round.

"Revived Form" drops 100 Red Envelope the first time and an extra Offering after that.

Magical Painter
Magical Painter

Pick up [yellow paint] in her house.

With Yang Yuhuan or Kaito main, talk to Magical Painter to get Repair Robo avatar.

With Yang Yuhuan, Hamster, or Kaito main she gives offerings immediately with no combat.

Use Yellow Paint found in Magical Painter's house when you have Paparazzi gumball in your team. Embarrassing Gumball's Photo will be taken automatically. Talk to Mischief after battle to show picture and gain 6 Gem and 66,666 Coins (once per event).

Note: You can obtain the special photo by using the paint on other bosses but the extra reward is only with Mischief.

Ninja Frog
Ninja Frog
Shuriken: Launch an attack every round

Ninjutsu: Own extremely high Dodge and be immune to all controlling states

Can drop: Shuriken

A trap in the house makes you loose 100HP. Speak to Ninja Frog after leaving the house for 10x Scorpion Powder.

Has a facial recognition-protected chest in his house. Equip noble set will open it.

Can be opened by wearing Noble set.

  • First time reward: Gems and coins.
  • Afterward: 3k Coins
Hard mode: Attack 35, HP 800

Can drop: Unknown Swordsmanship Scroll

In the house: 1x Brewmaster's Wine You can give it back to Panda but it will not reward you anything.

Use Yang Yuhuan as main or SL to carry Osmanthus Wine. Give it multiple times to Panda after defeating it to get 20 Red Envelope for each wine. Can use 2 PoE to accumulate additional wines to give to him (there is an upper limit of 200 envelopes over the event, after that you get coins) Alternatively, you can also give a wine potion: First Mate's Spirit, Demon's Cocktail, Abyssal Rum

Further wines (after the first 10), are worth 500 Coins each.

Hard mode: Attack 30, HP 800

Dangerous Reagent: Launch an attack every round, Poison effect attached (loses HP every round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Can drop: 3x Pharmacist's Enhancement Liquid

Inside house, you can search the potion table for a Half-Finished Potion (HP -50, Attack & Power +3)

With Witch, Priest, Sage, Alchemist, Plague Doctor or Sorcerer as main, you can instead "Blend a potion" for 100 Red Envelope (1x/event).

If "Blend a potion" is used a second time during the event, you get instead a Finished Potion (Attack & Power +5, Decrease Enemy Attack +3, Spell Effects +15%)

After defeating him:

  • make 1 donation for his offering
  • make further donations until he intervenes and gives you more offerings (1/donation, happens after a random number of donations)
  • Or steal from the box with Kaito, Bandit or Spy as main. It is NOT the regular steal action but a specific interaction with the box. Then choose to Put In (costs 30k(?). You will gain 80x Envelopes and 180k Coins from the God. (1x/event)
  • Alternatively donating prior to attacking will avoid the fight but still grant rewards
Hard mode: Attack 40, HP 650

Disperse: Launch an attack every round, removing the enemy buff

Seal Hex: Launch every 4 rounds, inflicting Spell Forbidden status (cannot spell over 2 rounds)

after defeat talk to to get offering, enter house and examin bookcase to get some scrolls

outside there is a rock with ribbons on it, if you use an aoe then the rock is destroyed and Gumiho appears. Gumiho retreats in 5 rounds, drops an Ancient Ritual Offering (1x/instance) upon defeat.

After receiving Ancient Ritual Offering, additional attempts may result in Fox Fur (consumable).

Red Hood
Red Hood
Magic sickle: Launch an attack every round, dealing Double damages to the enemy.

Can drop: Red Hood (Item)

You may sleep up to 5 times on bed to recover hp. If you sleep exactly 3 times, then leave and you will be prompted to let wolf enter. Allow it and then fight wolf for 100 Red Envelope (1st time) or Mr. Wolf's Underwear or Mr. Wolf's Gloves
Wilderness Hunter
Wilderness Hunter
Hard mode: Attack 45, HP 600

Blaster Shot: Launches an attack every 3 round, spurting 50% damage to all enemies

Dartle: When attacking, may deal double damage

In house: find Optical Camouflage (Dodge and max dodge +100% for 3 rounds). Keep it for an eventual encounter with Cosmic Godfather.

After winning, continue to go through dialogue till she summons her boars(10x120hp).

  • Kill them all in 1 round for 10 offerings and some EP. (first time only)
  • Kill them all within 3 rounds for 10 red envelopes (Note that Wilderness Hunter is strong enough to kill a boar in one round, which makes it unlikely that you can kill them all by yourself unless you do it in one round)
  • Kill most boars for 3x Arrow of Explosion (50 damage to enemies around) and some EP.

Hidden Rewards Edit

Gumball Main Boss Action Reward (1 time only) Repeated Reward
Yang Yuhuan (Can be Soul-link) Panda Give Wine 20 Red Envelope/Alcohol

Repeat for up to 200 Red Envelope (total 10 wine) >10 wine: 500 coin each

Note: Wine potions can also be given (Abyssal Rum, First Mate's Spirit, Demon's Cocktail)

Spy/Kaito/Bandit Philanthropist
Paparazzi (Can be Soul-link)
Any Hercules Kill him for the first time, then use an AoE (Death Ripple) to activate the 3rd form. 100 Red Envelope 1 offering
Any Red Hood Sleep in Bed 3 Times, Fight Wolf 100 Red Envelope 1 Red Hood Equipment
Any Bomberman Let Boss launch bomb (10 rounds) before killing him. Let explode the bomb (3 rounds), explore hole Coins, 4 Gem + 150k Coins

(GoT for +3 Gem)

Hole no longer appear once GoT reward is collected

New Years Gift Shop items (2020) Edit

  • 600 Red Envelope: Xiezhi Gumball at 3 stars
  • 100 Red Envelope: 10 Xiezhi Gumball Fragment (unlimited) (after purchasing the Gumball)
  • 500 Red Envelope: Xiezhi Mech Fashion
  • 600 Red Envelope: Qilin Gumball at 3 stars
  • 100 Red Envelope: 10 Qilin Gumball Fragment (unlimited) (after purchasing the Gumball)
  • 500 Red Envelope: Qilin Mech Fashion
  • 600 Red Envelope: Bai Ze Gumball at 3 stars
  • 100 Red Envelope: 10 Bai Ze Gumball Fragment (unlimited) (after purchasing the Gumball)
  • 500 Red Envelope: Bai Ze Mech Fashion
  • 600 Red Envelope: Pixiu Gumball at 3 stars.
  • 100 Red Envelope: 10 Pixiu Gumball Fragment (unlimited) (after purchasing the Gumball)
  • 500 Red Envelope: Pixiu Mech Fashion
  • 200 Red Envelope: Justice Hammer Combo Skill
  • 200 Red Envelope: Good Luck Combo Skill
  • 200 Red Envelope: Beast Scroll Combo Skill
  • 200 Red Envelope: Royal Treasure Combo Skill
  • 30 Red Envelope: Super Gunpowder (runestone, limit 20)
  • 30 Red Envelope: Oriental Gunpowder (runestone)
  • 30 Red Envelope: Super Gold Ingot (runestone, limit 20)
  • 20 Red Envelope: Oriental Gold Ingot (runestone)
  • 50 Gem: 600 Red Envelope
  • 10 Gem: 110 Red Envelope
  • Gem: 10 Red Envelope
  • Purchase the 50 Gem pack three times for a bonus of 200 Red Envelope. Purchase four(?) more times for an additional bonus of 200 Red Envelope

Some purchases gives you an extra reward:

  • Any gumball purchased: 3 Gem
  • Any fashion purchased: 5 Gem
  • Any Combo skill purchased: 2 Gem

Total if everything is purchased: 40 Gem


Carried over from 2019 (to be confirmed)Edit

  • Since all the enemy in the maze are bosses, Warrior title will help a lot.
  • Time Lord title DOES work on all enemies to cast a one-turn Timestill (even though it says it doesn't work against bosses)
  • Effects of type Portal of Earth cannot be cast on the last floor but they can be cast on the Boss floors.
  • Some Gumballs' exclusive skills appear not to be working properly here: Bunny, Kraken Captain, Lamp, Pirate...

Working in 2020 Edit

  • There is a warning if you try to enter the next floor without killing the boss or collecting its offering, so there is no need to worry that you miss the offering.
  • Super Gold Ingot cost 30 envelopes, which require slightly more than 3 vigor. This translate into a cost of 1.66 gems (assuming sage potion is used), thus purchasing the runestone will net a loss of gem
  • Queen's Blessing potion can be used 9 times and works rather well here.
  • Architect Eternal Tower works well; each gumball enemy will drop 2 pieces of equipment (3 - 6 stars, with 6 stars being frequent) providing equipment worth tons of EP.
  • Follow specific boss tips above to get gems and envelopes. Otherwise having a magic user, Three Eyed King, and Werewolf potion lets you easily defeat all bosses. (i.e: On any floor use all 3 werewolf potions, get 9x blesses from the first magic title, use them, can stall further to get more attack, use electro spell to up magic, use Blade of Ruin to up attack to around 400, use Three Eyed King's item to summon his pet which easily kills all bosses.)
  • You don't need to buy the gumball fragments by lots of 10, you can also purchase what you need for the next certificate by accessing the gumball at the World Tree. The Red Envelope cost per Gumball Fragment is the same.
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