Obtain this suit by upgrading the Stupid Apprentice suit (from using the divine dragon wish "I want the most cruel equipment!").

To upgrade to this, you need the Enchanter's Anvil from Great Enchanter after having taken the Blacksmith title. Each piece costs 5 Quenching Essence to upgrade.

Full suit effect:

  • Increase all magic effects by 30%
  • MP+300, Power +30
  • Acquires random rank 1-5 scroll each floor
Name Rank Type Effect
Ordinary Apprentice's Amulet
Apprentice's Amulet
5 Neck MP +80
Ordinary Apprentice's Boots
Apprentice's Boots
5 Foot Dodge +15%
Ordinary Apprentice's Ring
Apprentice's Ring
5 Ring Power+8
Ordinary Apprentice's Cloak
Apprentice's Cape
5 Cape MP+80
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