Nuke Missile Nuke Missile
Type: Throwable
The inner part of this missile is equipped with a micro nuclear fusion reactor. When the missile explodes, it will unleash tremendous energy, thus producing extreme heat, and destroy everything around.
Use: Throw to inflict 50 points of damage to enemy

Based on the skills of Mechanic Gumball, with additional effect:
"Mechanical Development Lv. 1" Damage +50
"Mechanical Development Lv. 2" Damage to lifeless enemy +50%
"Mechanical Development Lv. 3" Damage +50
"Mechanical Development Lv. 4" Bring the burning effect
"Mechanical Development Lv. 5" Damage +50

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Blasting Science Knowledge (Cumulative Charge) provides: 50% chance to deal double damages

Blasting Science Knowledge (Shell Craft) provides: Damage +50

Source(s): Carried by Machinist Gumball
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