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Similar to Sky Exploration Events, this list contains a detail of choices for Special Events (Sky) found in Sky. The below list is shorter as it only contains specific events which will have a notable impact on your future gameplay or sky exploration. E.g. You may want to set your monitoring Orbit Satellite skill to one or more of the below events when you encounter them.

Notable in this specific case means Celestial Titles which increase your power, rewards you with permanent Robots, Gumballs related Fashion or other significant items. Most runes, coin or even gem rewards are excluded from this list. Items with multiple choice for significant rewards may be listed multiple times to indicate the individual choice rewards. If an event is not on the below list you may refer to Sky Exploration Events.

Most of the below special rewards may only be gotten once, though some robots can be obtained 4 times, and upgraded to a more powerful version.

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Event Choice Reward
Aioria's Statue Promise him Virginia's Consciousness (Robots)
Aioria's Statue Refuse him Aioria's Soul Fragments (Robots)
Ancient Drift Bottle Throw away the drift bottle Cursed Knight title (-Stats, +EP on reset)
Abandoned Cauldron Eyeball Sashimi Wing Plane
Ancient Rose Pick the Flower (after 5x irrigation) Sunflower fashion
Ancient Totem Remove Totem Shaman Title (Fire +2)
Ancient Training Camp Power Hercules Sky Title (Fire+3)
Ancient Training Camp Wisdom Erudite Sky Title (Speed +3)
Ancient Training Camp Courage The Fearless Sky Title (Armor +3)
Anonymous Grave Excavate (after 30 worship) 2 Ancient Ritual Offerings, 30 Gem

(Worship up to 130 before excavating for 1 Gem per worship over 30, 100 gems max)

Artwork Store Give him items Up to 3 paintings for World Tree
Astana's Projection Assault him Astana's Light Projection, Astana's Dark Projection (Robots), Priest fashion
Bizarre Tree Pick the fruit (req 850 exploration) World Tree fashion
Bloodstained Room Read parchment The Fallen Sky Title (All Attributes +1)
Bloody Colosseum I want to be on the arena (Random) Champion Gladiator Sky Title (Fire +8/16/24)
Broken Statue Pursuit of Perfection Ingenuity Celestial Title
Calendula Pick the flower (After 5x irrigation) Cactus fashion
Chemical Store Give him items Goblin Ware I, II and III for World Tree
Christmas Hut Give him items Christmas themed Robots
Crystal of Fire Either option (with proper gumballs) Fire Wizard Sky Title
Crystal of Water Either option (with proper gumballs) Water Wizard Sky Title
Dark Crystal Either option (with proper gumballs) Heir of Darkness title
Diverging Cavern Varies See Diverging Cavern for details.
Dr. Strange Help him Behemoth and Behemoth Control Center
Dying Demons Kill it Demon Hunter Sky Title (Decrease enemy Armor by 3)
Fairy's Well 1 or 3 Gem The Chosen Sky Title (Luck +5/10/15)
Goblin's Airship Shop Let me see Shop for (Alastor, Goblin Airship, and Montezuma chips
Great Statue: Hectoria Knowledge Chosen People of Hectoria sky title
Great Statue: Knight of Ninth World Chosen People of Heinhardt sky title
Great Statue: Lich Knowledge The Chosen People of Fliamir sky title
Harvan's Magic Puppet (Sky Event) Inject all Vitalities Harvan's Magic Puppet
Hero's Heart (Sky Event) Any Hero Sky Title (All attributes +2/4/6)
Imprisoned Fairy Haha! Gumball Artisan (up to 3x) /

Dead Fairy Revenge2 120px.png

Light Crystal Either option (with proper gumballs) Heir of Light Sky Title
Lollipop Gumball Give full compensation Get Lollipop gumball at the World Tree
Lost Gumball Kidnap it Gumball Artisan (up to 3x)
Magic Furnace (Sky Event) Extinguish Furnace Fire Extinguisher Sky Title
Odyssey (Sky Event) Hades (Must have gumball) Lord of the Underworld Sky Title, Corner of Disaster - Wing Plane
Odyssey (Sky Event) Poseidon (Must have gumball) Lord of Waters Sky Title, Harvest Horn - Wing Plane
Odyssey (Sky Event) Zeus (Must have gumball) Statue of Divinity (World Tree), The Lord of Heaven Sky Title
Old Clock Touch the Clock (950 exploration level) Time Wizard fashion (Chance)
Old Transmitter Try to Operate (750 exploration) Miniature Detector - Wing Plane
Old TV Set News Channel Journalist Sky Title (+2 EP per battle)
Old TV Set Entertainment Channel Advertisement Professional Sky Title (-2% special title cost)
Oriental Shrine (Sky Event) Give her items Geisha fashion
Oriental Shrine (Sky Event) Blackmail them Ancient Ritual Offering
Pain Tester Any Survivor Sky Title
Penguin Statue Upright Hypocrite Sky Title (Decreases the enemy's Luck by 2)
Penguin Statue Innovation Imitator Sky Title (2% chance of random Plunder runestone on victory)
Penguin Statue Fair Fraud Sky Title (+1 all attributes)
Robot Cultivation Furnace Unlock it No. 18 - Robot
Robot Production Line n/a Upgrade various robots to stronger versions
Sealed Door Destroy Gate Barbatos's Mechanical Toy - Robot
Sealed Jar Open the jar (after 3+ ignore) Sealed Devil Robot
Sealed Jar Open the jar (after 2 ignore) Ancient Ritual Offering
Statue of Giant Sword Sharpness that cuts through all things Executioner Sky Title (when enemy energy lower than 20%, 10% chance instant victory)
Strange Babboon Accept Inheritance Child of the Forest Sky Title
Strange Egg Hatch it (Level 650 required) Baby Dragon
Succubus Hut Give her coins Gumball Artisan (max 3x)
The Replicant of Vosebarker Assault it 1 of 3 Wing Plane
Turtle Master Accept the inheritance Martial Artist Sky Title
Vagrant Tent Give alms to the vagrant Junkman fashion
Vincent I am a veteran Ready Player One (title +1 to all stats)
Voodoo Doll (Sky Event) Ordinary Doll Curse Doll
Vosebarker's Treasury Open the treasury (req. 1100) Ancient Ritual Offering
Vosebarker's Treasury Destroy the Gate Vosebarker's Self-Copy
Wall-F (Sky Event) Pronunciation:Eve WALL-F - Robot
Weird Wooden Plate Leave the floating island Law Abiding Citizen Sky Title
Wishing Fountain Drop in a coin Lucky Star Sky Title (Chance)