Nibelungen Spear Nibelungen Spear
Rank: Variable Type: Ring
This glorious ring bears the power of utter destruction. During vampire Queen Alice's reign, the entire Blood Clan was forbidden from any contact with humans or hurting them at will. James was not very pleased with this rule as teasing and killing humans was his biggest hobby. For over a hundred years. he was collecting Destructive Rocks in a deep abyss and forged them into this ring. He managed to kill Alice with the beam of annihilation shot from the ring, but was also heavily injured by the queen's final counterattack. James was later captured by Jeinse and imprisoned to suffer everlasting torture.
Able to upgrade at the Bloody Altar

Essence Blood Upgrades: Power+3 (+15 max)
Ignore enemy's Dodge +6% (+30% max)

Annihilation Bomb

Ancestor's Blood Upgrades: Master "Annihilation Bomb" (Active Skill)
Effect: Attacks and stuns a single target
Cost: It requires a Mithril Bullet each time.

Source(s): Sacred artifact in Dracula's Castle

Annihilation Bomb

Annihilation Bomb, Active Skill:

  • Deals Power x 3/4/5 Damage a single target
  • Costs 1 Mithril Bullet to cast
  • Stun target for 3 rounds (1 rounds for Boss)


  • Bodhi Buddha Beads increases the stun duration by 1 round to 4 rounds (2 rounds against boss).
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