NO.1 Mutant NO.1 Mutant Gold Statue
Trial requirement NO.1 Mutant evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 NO.1 MutantPearl

Pearl Cost

10x NO.1 Mutant Pearl
1x Garuda Pearl

Statue Cost

40 Mithril
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Iapetos (Lv. 330)
3x Themis (Lv. 420)

Statue Bonus Attack+3, Power+3

In Sky and Space, Armor+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Unlocked through an item: Buy No.1 Mutant Capsule in the Planet Smuggling Group event shop for 2000 Badge once the gumball is equipped with a 5 star certificate
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