Mysterious Statue.png Mysterious Statue
Type: Celestial Goods
This winged Gumball statue is carved out of a whole piece of Beisela Crystal. It is a type of rare crystalline, highly energy conductive and is normally used as the gem atop magic staff or made into other magic props, not for art carvings. Your guess is that there may be certain hidden secrets behind this statue.
Collect a specified amount to claim mysterious reward
Source(s): Potential reward from Airship Assaults, Monster Islands, Relic Islands, Plunders, Revenges, etc.

Also regularly sold in shops:

Mysterious statue rewards

Mysterious Statues are a commodity that is never spent. As you accumulate more statues, you'll be able to claim rewards from the Guardian's Statue in Sky exploration. When claiming your rewards, statues are not consumed.

See Guardian's Statue for full list of rewards

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