• August 25 - 30
  • October 13 - 18



Killer Rodin
===Hard (15F, 3 Vigor)===

Reward - 55 - 60 stones

Common (10F, 2 Vigor)Edit

Reward - 28-35 stones

Simple (5F, 1 Vigor)Edit

Reward - 13-14 stones

Raid (3 Vigor) Edit

Reward - 45 - 50 Black Undead Insect Stones

Special Items Edit

Portrait of the Prince - Consumable item - Receive 300 EP. Detect +1 enemy's initial position each floor.

Artificial Eye - Consumable item - Attack +1

Artificial Mouth - Consumable item - Power +1

Peanut Man's Tongue ♂ - Belt item - HP+20, Increase chance to loot Artificial Eye by 10%

Peanut Man's Tongue ♀ - Neck item - MP+20, Increase chance to loot Artifical Mouth by 10%

The Spring of Peanut Town Set Bonus (for above 2 items) - Additionally obtain 5 Black Undead Insect Stones in settlement

Red Handkerchief - Glove item - Attack+3, HP+20

Jade Pendant - Treasure item - Recover 10 HP when you advance to next floor

Friendship of the Prince Set Bonus (for above 2 items) - When attacking, inflicts 20 points of extra damage, Ignores enemy physical resistance 30% and spell resistance 30%

Ji'an's Mustache - Helmet item - Defense+3, Increase effect of all spells by 10%

Blue Undead Insect Stone - Random reward for killing the butcher (Paomao, 14F) - Additionally obtain 2 Gems in settlement (3 times seems to be the max for this event, meaning 6 gems)

Wonderful Landscape Painting - Reward for helping Prince to escape at Boss Stage - Additionally obtain 5000 coins in settlement

Black Steel Stick - Reward for killing Great Guardian at Boss Stage - 1st time obtain 5 gems in settlement, afterwards obtain 5 Dark Steels in settlement


  1. Use the picture on Easy.
  2. Always defeat all of Ji'an's guards to have his corpse show up at the boss for extra stones
  3. You can kill the peanut man who asks for the Picture of the Prince with AOE damage (use ripple or boomerang) to get Red Handkerchief or Jade Pendant. This will make the Prince and the Great Guardian hostile at the boss stage, but prevents his corpse from showing up on 14F. You should do so once to get 5 gems from Black Steel Stick. In subsequent runs, you should give him the portrait for a chance to loot Blue Undead Insect Stone from his corpse, and 5000 gold from the Prince.

Black Undead Insect Stone ShopEdit

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