Mutu's Skin Mutu's Skin
Rank: Variable Type: Belt
A rough belt made from Mutu's skin. Mutu was a young hunter who was widely believed to be able to transform into a werewolf upon rage since he got affected by some virus he caught from his wolf bites. Upon hearing such a rumour, a wizard who was very fond of studying human bodies hired an infamous team of mercenaries to have Mutu killed. in the form of a werewolf. The wizard striped Mutu's skin off and made it into this belt.
Able to upgrade at the Bloody Altar

Essence Blood Upgrades: Increases Recover HP by 1 (12 max) when kill each enemy
Increase all Recovery magic effect by 2% (25% max)

Cell Regeneration

Ancestor's Blood Upgrades: Master "Cell Regeneration" (Active Skill)
Effect: Recovers 15/25/35% HP
Cost: It requires 5 bottles of Essence Blood each time.

Source(s): Sacred artifact in Dracula's Castle
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