Monster Island or Monster Floating Island is one of the main types of Sky encounters along with Relics Islands, Colossus, Player's Airhsips, Space Rift and Sky Mazes.

Monster Islands randomly show up on any exploration level that is not multiple of 30.


Monster Floating Islands are fought much like you fight the Colossus and Player's Airhsips. You can assault them directly or go through the Details page to see their stats and fight with the help of an Exploration Runestone if you so wish.

If you own Goblin Airship and your Energy is high enough relative to the monsters' energy, you can also get an instant victory by choosing the Destroy option.

Besides spending an Exploration Runestone, other things can help you fight Monster Islands:


A victory will give you Sky Experience Points and has a chance to drop Mysterious Statues, Airship fragments, a Sky Contract and Airship Materials. It also has a chance to generate a Sky Exploration Event.

Various effects can increase the rewards:

Type of EnemiesEdit

The are many kinds of enemies that you can face on Monster Islands. Each of those enemies have strong points and weak points and different Combo skills. There is no way to know for sure the type of creatures you will encounter before actually starting the combat but the distribution of the stats that you can see in the details page can drastically reduce the number of possibilities. See also Monster Island/Enemies.

Impact of the Exploration LevelEdit

As the exploration level increases, the rewards and difficulty also increase. The exact manner of the progression is unknown. For some range of exploration levels (200-500), the monsters stats such as seen on the details page, seem to scale about on par with Level^1.5 and monsters energy more or less to the scale of Level^2.14 (where "^" means "to the power of").

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