The Orienteering Event <Mid-Autumn Festival> is about to release soon.

Please tap the ‘Settings’- ‘Event’ at the top-right corner to challenge the Orienteering Event. GAME TIME: 22/09/2018 00:00 - 25/09/2018 00:00


Challenge 1: Bunny without soul-link. Reach and kill F40 Boss, any maze. Reward: 50,000 Coins, 3 gumball pots, 2 vigor

Challenge 2: Main Bloody Wolf. Kill 88 boars in Adventurer's Forest Reward: 3 Gem, 3 Bloody Wolf frags, 2 vigor

Challenge 3: Main Chef. Cook Element Baked Snail, Volcanic Rock Barbeque, Odd Tasting Tail Soup in Saint's Tower Reward: 5 Gem, 3 Chef frags, 2 vigor

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