Metal CD Metal CD
Type: Consumable
Heavy Metal music is recorded in this CD that glimmers with the colors of rainbow. When you put it into the CD player, the high-pitched passionate voice, the intensive fast drums, and the low-stress bass will fill up every corner of you auditory senses...
Use: Inflicts 20 points of damage to the enemy.

According to DJ Gumball's skills, grants extra effect:
"DJ Lv.1" Damage +30
"DJ Lv.2" Adds Weakened effect (lasts for 3 round, damage suffered +80%)
"DJ Lv.3" Damage +40
"DJ Lv.4" Splashes enemies within 2 tiles
"DJ Lv.5" Damage +50

Source(s): Carried by DJ Gumball


  • Even though it is a consumable item that deals damage, this item cannot be given to the Tree House in Adventurer's Forest
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