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  • Hey ATCkit!

    Thanks for bringing up the maze page format issue. It's one of the things I once thought about, but haven't come around to finding a solution. I am choosing to reply here instead of at the Chaos Abyss page, since this isn't quite related to Chaos Abyss specifically, and I want to avoid cluttering the comments over there. I have PM'd Phoxtrot about this to have him comment here as well.

    Re: Template

    The templates you have linked are only for the maze navigation info box. I think this one is the one that is being used in all the maze pages.

    Re: Last 7 table of contents + DP Quests

    Thanks for helping to reorder the sections so they all are roughly standardised. There is no fixed template as to what the order is supposed to be, but keeping them similar makes it easier for people to find stuff. Big thanks for moving the DP Quests down, and merging Boss Package Quest with it.

    Re: Other specific loot

    You may have noticed that all the maze pages now have a Maze name/Specific subpage. It's a sort of long term project of mine to slowly move most of the gumball and title-specific information over to the /Specific subpage, so that the main maze pages don't have too much information cluttering it. My general rule if that the information is not crucial to the maze, I will throw it into the /Specific sub page. So, things like you need Death Knight to get Dark Dragon frags will stay on the Main page, but things like running this Gumball gets you a specific Engineering Manual upgrade will go into the /Specific page.

    Re: Stages/Story Quest/Potion Formulas

    I do feel that there is a small benefit to keeping this information for the new players who want to know how much more they need to play (in terms of Vigor) to unlock Endless. I'd probably choose to put the acquirable Potion Formulas together with the Stages tho.

    Re: To Unlock

    It is partially addressed by the infobox, but there are some very long To Unlock descriptions (See City of Steam or Spaceship Ruin). I'd like to keep it up high, but short, for those newcomers who are trying to figure out how to get certain new mazes.

    Re: Hidden Gumball

    I would leave it as it is. We will want to continue collecting Hidden Gumball frags ad infinum because the quest for Eden Accelerators never ends.

    Re: Order of

    1. Tips
    2. Quest/DP
    3. Notes
    4. Story Quest
    5. To Unlock
    6. External links

    I personally would like Story Quest be near the top, but be very short. Same for To Unlock.

    Re: Main Categories of:

    1. Enemies
    2. Special Maze Mechanics
    3. Special Occurrences

    I'd probably rename it as:

    1. Enemies
    2. Main Maze Mechanic
    3. Maze Occurrences

    Mainly due to the fact that 'Special' here means nothing at all.

    P.S. If you are on the Gumballs and Dungeons discord, my username is the same there. It may be easier to discuss on Discord.

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    • Looks fine.

      For stages and formulas

      I think a subpage (with link in the infobox) would make sense as it would allow to put a bit more infos about the stages without cluttering the main page. But it's debatable, there isn't all that much to write about them anyway...

      For the Maze mechanisms and say "core items"

      I think we have to be pragmatic. You would normally want them on the main page but if that leads to hiding lots of paragraphs, it might be better to move to sub-page.
      Using a sub-page for that also allows for level 2 and level 3 titles to be used for the details of the mechanism as opposed to only level 3 titles in the main pages. This means that more things can be easily directly linked to.
      By the way, I think we should move something like Resonance Record to Bracada College/Resonance Record (and leave a redirect behind). Auto-completion when doing a search on the wiki will propose a pick of the sub-pages and alert you of their existence.

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    • Opps i didnt realize until now that the conversation was moved over here. anyway i do fell that haveing it here would hinder the conversation in the first place so it dosent matter that i went and made a page dedicated to this topic. you can find it here  Maze Page Guideline  looks like Phoxtrot allready found it so all that were missing is Thriefty

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    • A FANDOM user
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