Melee Master's Gloves Melee Master's Gloves
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Gloves
The humble gloves came from an ordinary elder. In the second Dawn War, the angel of God, Aliusi, led her troops to defeat the Moon and Star Knights in Tuya kingdom and Nigel Ned fortress was also razed to the ground. Then, the whole kingdom got into terrible panic. At that time, an elder stood out and stopped them. When people laughed at him, the elder suddenly dashed towards Aliusi like the comet and started to fight against her. The fight didn't take a long time, when the third wing of Aliusi was torn up, she couldn't stand the pain and fled back to her Planes. The extraordinary elder was terribly injured too and he soon passed away. The whole kingdom welcomed the victor and the King personally saved the elder's gloves.
Attack+15 Power-3
Suit: Warrior's Will
Duelist talent upgrade(s): When attacking, ignore the enemy's Physical Resistance by -/6/9/12/15%.
Source(s): Boss drop or created using Holy Blacksmith title
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